Why are you doing this?

Just to let everyone kno this story is rated r and has cussing, sexual content, and violence. It is a love story that has a lot of twist and turns:) please read and I hope you like it:)


1. What are you doing?

Haha cherry you is so Crae crae haha Faith said as she went to go pop some popcorn. Then the boys walked in. Then faith walked in with the popcorn and gave it to cherry. PRINCETON WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!! She said as she tapped her foot. Man get off my back bitch Princeton said as he sat down on the couch while drinking some beer. Faith walked over there and smelled his breath WHY DOES YOUR BREATH SMELL LIKE RACHET PUSSY PRINCE!!! The rest of the boys grabbed there girls and carried them upstairs. Shut the fuck up faith it ain't like you ever going to give me none besides she prob did better then YOUUUUU!!!!! Prince said as he cranked that soulja boy. Haha very funny prince as she rolled her eyes and was about to walk away. Where do you think your going prince said as he grabbed her arm. Back up to the room where do you think I am going now let go of my arm!!! Faith said as she was trying to pull away. No baby you is going to give me wat I have been asking for 3yrs haha. Then he ripped her cloths off and pushed her on the couch and started humping her hard and fast. STOP PRINCE UR HURTING ME!!!! OH MY GOD PRINCETON!!!!! PRINCETON!!!! PRINCETON!!!! STOP!!!!! Oh fuck baby say daddy's name mmmm wats my name WHATS MY FUCKING NAME!!!!! He said Ashe was punching her and hitting her ooooh baby you is so tight and wet mmmm. RAY GO DO SOMETHING PRINCE IS HURTING HER!!!! Cherry said. Yeah y'all do something valentine and shae said. Shut the fuck up y'all and enjoy the screaming and yelling. Roc said. Her screams turn me on ray and prod said. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! the girls said. The boys looked at each other and nodded their heads and walked toward the girls slowly. What are you doing? Cherry said what is that in your hand? Shae said? You don't have to do this please don't please please valentine said while crying. Oh sshh don't cry it won't hurt for long :) ray smiled and the boys hit them in the head with the blunt objects. The girls passed out on the floor and the boys walked downstairs. STOP PRINCETON PLEASE IT HURTS faith said crying. Then ray started feeling on her. Her body's soft let me hit that prince. Sure go ahead he said as he backed away. Then ray starting rapeing her. Ooooh fuck she is tight. Then faith was bleeding and she slowly passed out and after a min. She passed out.
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