Rock Me

The words you whispered I'll always believe.

Left heartbroken by his previous ex, Harry tries to move on. But things aren't always as easy as they seem, especially when that certain someone manages to make their way back into his life.

*Told from the point of views of both Harry and Antoinette*


2. The Break Up

-Antoinette's POV-

“Stop! Stop!” I managed to get out between laughs. Samuel had me pinned on the floor tickling me. He stopped for a split second which was enough for me to push him towards the ground. Straddling him, I pinned his arms above his head. I knew he was stronger than me and could have easily removed me from on top of him if he wanted to. But he was letting me have my fun, so I placed my lips on his. Right as our lips touched the door to my flat was flung open. My friend Aly stood there looking at us annoyed. “Why is it every time I come home you to are canoodling?” She said placing her things on the counter, making a disgusted face.

I laughed awkwardly. “Mmmm, you just wish you had someone to ‘canoodle’ with” Samuel pointed out, which probably wasn’t far from the truth. Aly glared at him and walked towards the fridge. Throwing up her hands she spun around and pointed at Samuel. “You.” She said angrily. “You always come over and raid our damn kitchen! Go eat your own fucking food.” She shoved the kitchen door closed and walked over to her room. “Goddammit,” she muttered, “I’m fucking hungry.” She slammed her bedroom door shut.

Aly had never liked Samuel. From the moment I went out with him she said he was no good, said I should have stayed with Harry. Every little thing Samuel did set Aly off.

Samuel stood up and gave me a hand, which I took, and pulled me up. “Ah, she hates me.” He said matter of factly. “Well, I better get going.” Samuel decided before giving me a quick kiss, he left.

“Is he gone?” Aly asked poking her head out of her room, searching the house for any sign of him.

“Yes.” I sighed.

“Good.” She skipped cheerfully out of her room, her whole attitude changing now that he had left. “Let’s watch T.V.” she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the sofa, turning on E! News.

“Earlier tonight the boys of One Direction walked the carpet, looking stunning as always.” The host said as the screen panned out on the whole of the carpet. I gave Aly a warning glance suggesting I wanted her to turn it off. Instead she just waved her hand at me.

The camera zoomed down on Zayn and what looked like his new girlfriend he’d told me about. She was absolutely gorgeous, but not someone I would have expected him to go for. The screen cut over to Louis, Liam and Niall who were posing for pictures. "These boys make my heart just melt!" The host said acting like she was 14, which made me cringe because she had to be well into her fifties.

Then, what I knew would be coming, it cut over to Harry and his girlfriend Georgia. My heart stopped. He had his hand around her waist, pulling her into him. He looked amaz- No, it didn’t matter. I got up suddenly from the couch, excusing myself and went into my room. I always found myself watching things like that, and afterward I always felt like complete shit. I knew it shouldn’t have bothered me, but it always did.

Harry and I broke up over a year ago, or rather I broken up with him. I loved him, don’t get me wrong but I felt Harry and I would never get anywhere, that we weren’t good for each other. He was Harry Styles, the boy from the number one band One Direction that thousands of girls wanted. And I was just some model for some magazine who worked part time at some coffee shop. I felt our relationship couldn’t grow, and towards the end we had always gotten into fights every time we got a chance to see each other. I was always paranoid he was cheating, and I had good reason to. It just wasn’t working out. I supposed at that point I just wanted to be friends.

I opened the door to his and Louis’ flat, he came around the corner and pulled me into a kiss. I pushed lightly on his chest, he looked at me confused. “You alright?” he asked concerned. I nodded. Was this what I really wanted?

I walked further into the flat and turned round to face him, keeping distance in between us. I felt I was going to burst into tears at any moment. If I was going to do it, it had to be now. Might as well get to it, I thought to myself. “Harry,” I said slowly. “This, it- it isn’t working.”

“What isn’t working..” He questioned confused, although I think he knew what I meant, but instead let confusion wash over him. I gestured at the space between me and him. He laughed, “You’re joking right?” I shook my head. “What do you mean this isn’t working!?” He shouted, startling me and himself by the look on his face. “I love you.” He said in a lighter tone.

“I-I I know.” I stuttered, “but, it’s just not working, we’re done. It’s over.” I said bluntly. I didn’t meet his eyes. I stared at the ground holding back the tears that threatened to spill. After, what seemed like hours of silence, I met his eyes. He stood there emotionless.“Right.” He said, face as still as stone, his eyes colorless.

“Harry-” I began to speak, even though I wasn’t sure what to say.

“Shut up.” He snapped at me, I unintentionally took a step back, the harshness in his voice frightening me. He pushed his hair back. “Can you leave?” He said, turning his gaze away from me.

“Harry, listen I didn’t want to hurt you I just, I mean I still want to be friends!” I said quickly, this all seemed like it was happening so fast. I didn’t want it to be like this, this wasn’t how I expected things to go.

“Just go.” He said simply, and when he saw I wasn’t moving he went over to his room and started throwing all of my things on the ground. I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. Everything was being tossed out onto the floor like a piece of trash.

“Harry! Stop!” I yelled, my eyes blurred with tears. Ignoring me he took all of my clothes and other belongings and threw them down in front of me. “What the hell!?” I shouted up at him.

“Go.” Harry stated, pointing towards the door. “No, wait, before you go tell me why.” He sneered. I was confused, Harry was being awful, being mean to me. Almost mocking me and my decision. After that little stunt he pulled I myself was getting pissed.

I stood up straight, practically fuming now, “Because we’re not good for each other. And I-I don’t love you.” I lied, blinking back the tears. I saw his stone cold expression falter and his face fall, I felt as if I could hear his heart crumbling into a million pieces. He turned away from me and walked into his bedroom without another word. Silent tears rolled down my face as I turned to walk out the door.

It was over, just like that. In the blink of an eye Harry turned angry, throwing things, shouting at me. I realize now that it was because I hurt him and he was feeling so many things at once that it all just kind of happened. But now I can officially say, I was the first girl to break Harry Edward Styles heart, and that wasn’t something I was very proud of.


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