Rock Me

The words you whispered I'll always believe.

Left heartbroken by his previous ex, Harry tries to move on. But things aren't always as easy as they seem, especially when that certain someone manages to make their way back into his life.

*Told from the point of views of both Harry and Antoinette*


1. Moving On

-Harry's POV-

Georgia gripped my arm while we walked along the red carpet, smiling for the paparazzi. She was wearing a very tight red dress that, if I do say so myself, was extremely sexy. Her white teeth stuck out against the red lipstick making her smile hard to miss.

The boys and I were at a movie premier for some new summer blockbuster that I really didn’t care much for. Liam and Niall were off to the side being interviewed while Zayn was showing off his girlfriend Perrie. Louis stayed with Georgia and I, getting our photos taken and signing autographs.

One of the fans pulled me into a hug which Georgia didn’t like too much. She grabbed my arm and jerked me away from the girls grasp. I was about to tell her off when a microphone was thrust into my face. “So, hows the lovely couple?” The man asked, clearly not familiar with the term ‘personal space’.

“Great!” Georgia said cheerfully, gripping my arm tighter, almost as if she was afraid I’d say something against what she claimed.

“Yeah, just great.” I mumbled under my breath. Georgia cocked her head to the side waiting for me to say more, go on about how she’s the love of my life or some bullshit. Ignoring her I searched the crowd of people for Louis. “So, your one year anniversary is coming up, in what? Two months?” Asked the man, still shoving the microphone in my face.

Georgia looked up at me smiling, her nails practically digging into my arm. “Yeah, can’t wait!” I said, faking the enthusiasm. Her grip lightened up on my arm, and she smoothed out the crinkles she made in my tux, clearly buying my happy facade. She linked her fingers with mine as we left the man with the microphone and walked over to Liam and Niall. “Where’s Louis?” Liam asked me.

“I dunno, thought he might’ve been here with you.” I replied, still searching the crowd for my best mate. Leave it to him to disappear when I needed him to help me get away from Georgia’s intense grasp. Niall laughed suddenly looking at something beyond my shoulder. Turning around I saw Perrie was yelling at Zayn for stepping on her dress. Zayn, looking embarrassed and turning redder the second, was apologizing over and over. I cracked a smile, amused by his expression.

Suddenly I felt a pinch on my ass, turning around towards Georgia ready to tell her to leave my bum alone I found her in conversation with Liam. I turned back around to where I was facing before to see Louis standing there smiling. I playfully pushed him, and to mine, Niall’s and everyone else's amusement, he lost his balance and fell right on his own ass.

Niall and I leaned over laughing while Louis got back up to his feet a bit red faced. People shouted asking if he was all right and he nodded. He shot Niall and I a quick glare, as he wiped off the invisible dust particles off his pants.

“Took quite a tumble there man.” Zayn said walking over hand in hand with Perrie. Zayn and Perrie had only recently started dating but everyone could tell that they were head over heels for each other.

We all walked into the theater and took our seats, I was sat between Louis and Georgia; secretly glad I didn’t have to sit next to Zayn or Perrie who probably wouldb’t be able to keep their hands off each other the entirety of the film. I took out a piece of gum and gave one to Georgia. Louis looked at me with puppy dog eyes, opening his mouth I placed the gum on his tongue. I moved my fingers just in time before Louis’ jaw snapped shut. “So close.” He said, a wicked grin playing on his face.

When the lights dimmed everyone turned their attention to the screen; everyone except Georgia, she had other things in mind. She placed her hand on my knee, I knew what she was going to do, but I prayed that she had some decency and would prove me wrong. Ignoring her, I kept my eyes glued to the screen, trying my best to pay attention. She brought her hand to the waistband of my pants, fiddling with the hem. I glanced over at Louis through the corner of my eye, and thankfully he was already engrossed in the film. Seconds later she abruptly put her hand down my pants making me jump.

I grabbed her hand from my pants. “Not now.” I said quietly, the last thing I needed was some reporter catching my girlfriend trying to get me off in the middle of movie premiere. Ignoring what I had said she brought her hand back towards me again. I grabbed her arm and threw it back at her. “Stop!” I said hissed harshly.

“What the hell!” She whispered, bringing her arm towards me I pushed them away, getting more annoyed with her by the second. “Fuck you.” Georgia said pulling her arms into her chest and slouching in her chair. Louis looked over questioningly, I shook my head and he turned back towards the screen.

About two and a half hours later the movie thankfully ended, and although I hadn’t payed much attention to it, I wouldn’t recommend it. We walked back to where the cars waited for us, Liam, Niall, Louis all got in one, while Zayn and Perrie got into another, while Georgia and I got into one of our own. I would’ve been happy to ride with the guys but Georgia insisted we needed our own car. And despite me trying to reason, she just ignored me until I agreed to our own car.

Driving down the rode neither of us said anything. Once we arrived at our hotel I was ready to go have a few drinks with the boys. Before we entered however, Georgia pulled me aside. “I’m not feeling well,” She said, “I think I’m going to go and get some sleep.”

“You want me to come with you?” I asked eve though I really didn’t want to. All I wanted to do was have a couple of beers with the guys and relax.

“No, no. You go have fun.” She turned around and walked up towards our room. Feeling guilty about the way I acted earlier tonight I followed her up, mentally punching myself in the face for being so weak. When she saw me coming with her she quit the ‘I’m not feeling well’ act and bounded up the stairs, clearly ecstatic that I decided to go on up to the room with her.

I slid in my keycard for our suite, the green light blinked and we let ourselves in. I swiftly threw off my tux jacket and flung it on the ground. Georgia came over and wrapped her arms around my neck and looked into my eyes. Her blue eyes sparkled, “I had fun tonight.” She said grinning, I she played with the loose curls at the back of my neck. Then putting on her best puppy dog face she said, “I’m sorry about what happened in the theater babe.”

Sighing a pulled her into a hug, placed a kiss on her head and murmured that it was alright. “Good.” She kissed me on the lips, and right as I was about to actually deepen the kiss she pulled away. “I’m gonna go take a quick shower.”

Kicking off my shoes and ripping the bow tie off my neck I laid back onto the bed and draped my arm across my face. Moments later I heard the shower turn on, and thats when I heard it. Booming down from the club below. Our song, my heart sunk into my chest. It had been a little less than a year since I saw her, a little less than a year ago the love of my life just up and left me. The song brought back so many memories and my stomach began to turn. I wondered what she could be doing now.

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