Rock Me

The words you whispered I'll always believe.

Left heartbroken by his previous ex, Harry tries to move on. But things aren't always as easy as they seem, especially when that certain someone manages to make their way back into his life.

*Told from the point of views of both Harry and Antoinette*


3. Another Day

- Harry's POV -

I felt as if my heart was ripped out of my chest. Her words replayed over in my head long after she left. I sat on my bed staring at the wall, I looked over at all of her belongings that I’d thrown on the floor. I pushed myself from my bed. I took all over her things and put them back where they belonged.

This is a dream, I thought.

I looked over to my bedside table that held a picture of us from a little over a month ago.
Looking as happy as can be. How you can you go from that to this. Feeling the anger bubble up inside me I picked up the picture and threw it against the wall. The glass broke into multiple pieces scattering everywhere.

I collapsed back onto my bed. I felt like shit. I could feel the tears falling. I turned over and stuffed my face into my pillow.

I must’ve dosed off, because I awoke to Louis howling in pain. “WHAT THE FUCK.” I looked over to see him grabbing is foot. He looked to find a shard of glass in his foot. He picked out the piece of glass, and tossed it into the bin by my door.

He looked into the room to see glass all over the place. “What did you do?” He asked me. I just looked at him. “Whoa. You alright?” I assumed my eyes must’ve been red and puffy. Louis made his way over to me carefully, so as not to step on anymore glass.

He bent down and picked up the picture that had fallen out of the frame. He looked at it and then at me. “Did she-”

“Yeah.” I cut him off. He took a seat next to me. He put his arm around my shoulder.

“I’m sorry mate.” Was all he said. He placed the picture back onto my nightstand and turned to leave the room. “If you need to talk I’m here for you.” He said. Louis walked back through the section of glass, making it out successfully without stepping on any. I knew I’d have to tell every one what happened in due time. But right now, I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

I woke up to bright sunlight pouring into the hotel room. I turned over in the bed and looked over for Georgia. She was fast asleep. I quietly got out of the bed and went to take a shower.

After getting out of the shower Georgia was already dressed and ready to go. “I’m going down stairs to get breakfast.” She said giving me a kiss on the cheek and walking out. I got out my clothes, as I was putting my shirt over my head my phone buzzed. I walked over and read the message. It was from Louis telling me to look outside.

I walked over to my window and saw him standing there with a sign declaring his undying love for me. I laughed and waved. He bounced up and down blew me a kiss and gave the sign back to the fans who were next to him.

I got mine and Georgia’s bags and brought them down to the lobby. I met Louis and Niall. “Like my sign?” Louis winked at me.

“I did indeed, sweetcheeks.” I winked back. Niall was stuffing his face with some messy breakfast wrap when he dropped it all over his shirt.

“Ugh.” He walked over towards the bathroom to clean up. Liam came down with Zayn and Lucia, just as Niall walked out of the bathroom. “All ready then?” Liam asked.

“Have you seen Geo-never mind.” I said when I saw Georgia coming towards us. Niall had said something I didn’t catch and Liam wacked him upside the head telling him to

We all got on the airplane that was taking us back to our flats in London. I sat in between Niall and Georgia while Louis lounged in front of us. Later that day we arrived back out our flats.

I brought our things in while Georgia made a call to her friend Megan. I was putting my clothes on the bed when Louis walked in, he leaped onto my bed. “Áine’s party is this weekend. Are we going?”

I raised an eyebrow, “We?”

“Yeah, I’m only going if you go. I mean you’re the closest to Áine, so the guys and I will only go if you go.” He rested his head back on my pillows.

“I guess, yeah.” I shrugged. Just then Georgia walked in. Louis looked at me then got up and left the room.

The boys never really liked Georgia, partially cause she was a bitch. But they put up with her for me I guessed. After my breakup with Kira I got with Georgia only a month after. The guys all thought she was a rebound, which I suppose, she initially was. I grew to actually like Georgia, or at least the person she was when it was just us together. That was the Georgia I knew and loved, but she showed up rarely.

She walked over and started unpacking her things. “We’re going to Áine’s party this weekend.” I said.


“Yeah, unless you don’t want to go…”

“No, I do.” She smiled at me. Sitting on the bed she grabbed my head and pulled my face down to hers, our lips connecting. She bit my lower lip, tugging on it. I pushed her back onto the bed, hovering over top of her.

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