Stole my Heart

Hi my name is Ellie Payne and yes I am Liam's younger sister. I am 18 years old almost turning 19 in a few months. I live with my mom and dad in England and today is the day I get to see my brother and the lads. I had never meet the lads before but I do have a little tiny crush on... Louis!


1. The visit


Ellie's POV  

Yes! Today my brother Liam and the boys are coming over for a visit. It is 7:00a.m and they are arriving at the house at 10:00am. I got out of bed and went to my bathroom to freshen up for the day. I took a shower, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair and put on a tiny bit of make-up the outfit i wore short-shorts,a hoodie from Hollister and blue toms . I went downstairs and saw my mom and dad eating breakfast. 

Mom: Good morning sweetie!

Dad: Good morning love! 

Me: Good morning!

Mom: are you excited?

Me: of course i am! 

 It is 9:00am, just a hour to go!  

Liam's POV  

It was 9:00am and we were landing. I woke up the lads. we were in our private jet going to England to visit my mom, dad , and my sister Ellie. i miss them so much!  

Niall: I am so hungry!

Harry: let me get cooking then! anyone want waffles?

All: Yes!

Harry goes to the kitchen and starts cooking. After cooking we all ate. Finally our jet landing in England  and we all got our things and went in a limo to my flat.  

Ellie's POV  

I was in my room when I looked out my window and saw a black limo pull up. I ran downstairs and outside I jumped on Liam and we both fell on the ground. A group of guys picked us off the ground.  

Me: Oh! you guys must be Harry, Zayn , Niall , and Louis

Louis: Yes we are

Louis's POV

When i saw Ellie, Liam's sister , she was so beautiful! i was glad that i broke up with Eleanor, that cheater. I love the way she talks. I have to make my move before Harry does!

Me: Yes we are

Ellie: well, Hello I am Ellie.

All except Liam: Hello love!

I went up to Ellie and kissed her hand, she blushed!

Ellie's POV

Louis came up to me and kissed my hand, i blushed! Man Louis is so cute!

Liam: well then, lets go inside!

We went inside and the boys and Liam went to their room to unpack. We all have our own room so our flat is a mansion and there is a huge pool in the back.

I was on the couch and waited until the boys were done unpacking then next thing i saw was Louis.

Me: done packing?

Louis: Yeah

Louis sat next to me on the couch.

Louis: Ellie, can i ask you something?

I was so speechless, in my head it was full of questions, is he going to ask me to be his girlfriend?, does he like me?, i don't know!

Me: sure, you can tell me anything! :)

Louis: would you like to you know...... go to the movies or something sometime like a umm... date?


Me: sure i would love to! :D

Louis: ok, how about tomorrow? at 6:00 we can go to the movies yeah?

Me: i would love to!

Louis's POV

she said yes! i was so happy. i got off the couch and went to my room. Harry was in the kitchen cooking and then dinner came.

Harry: Dinner time!

Niall: COMING!!!

Everyone except me went to the kitchen

Harry: where is Lou?

Ellie: in his room, i'll go get him!

Ellie's POV

Me: in his room, i'll go get him!

I went upstairs to get him

Me: Louis it is me Ellie. Dinner is ready!

Louis: ok coming

Louis came out and we both walked downstairs and ate dinner. It was 7:00pm and we went watch a movie in the living room.

Me: what movie are we watching?

Liam: Toy story!

Me: you watched it a million times already!

Liam: so?

Me: fine

Zayn puts in toy story and we were watching all 3. when it hit toy story 3 i was fast asleep in Louis's arms.

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