Stole my Heart

Hi my name is Ellie Payne and yes I am Liam's younger sister. I am 18 years old almost turning 19 in a few months. I live with my mom and dad in England and today is the day I get to see my brother and the lads. I had never meet the lads before but I do have a little tiny crush on... Louis!


2. The Date

Ellie's POV

I woke up and looked at the time it was 9:00am i noticed i was in my bedroom. Louis must have carried me to my room! how sweeet <3

I got up and went to my bathroom and brush my teeth, hair and put my hair up in a high pony tail, and didn't put make-up at all this time. I went downstair's and saw everyone awake.

Me: Morning everyone!

All: Morning!

Me: what is for breakfast?

Harry: W-


Me: *giggle*

A/N: your mom and dad left for a vacation in america for 2 years, i know long right!

Zayn: so what is your guys plans for today?

Louis: i am taking Ellie on a date at 6:00

Me: .........

Liam: Really?!

Louis: yeah

Liam: congrats dude! :)

Louis: thanks!

Liam: no problem lad!

you all finish eating

Louis's POV

for a second there when liam said "really? " i was getting scared that he would get mad but it was ok

Me: so Ellie did you pick out what to wear on our date?

Ellie: honestly no

Me: good! because i got you something!

Ellie: you didn't have to

Me: i wanted to

A/N you guys are in the living room and all of the boys are watching you guys

I pulled out a bag behind my chair i was sitting on and gave it to Ellie

Ellie's POV

Louis pulled out a bag behind the chair he was sitting on and gave it to me. I opened the bag and saw a cute black dress with a red bow on top it.

Me: awww! thanks Lou i love it! :)

Louis: your welcome!

you give him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, then you see him blush

All of a sudden you and Lou hear sniffling. you guys turn around to the boys and saw then crying

Harry: that was so touching lad!

Liam: i know!

they continued crying

Louis: guys!

Zayn: sorry we couldn't help it!

they begin to settle down.

It was 2:00pm

Harry: hey! let's play a game

Me: how about truth or dare!?

All: yeah!

Niall: i'll go first! um... Zayn truth or dare?

Zayn: truth

Niall: is it true that you had ever broke one of your mirrors when you were little?

We all laughed

Zayn: sadly yes!

Zayn: ok, harry truth or dare!

Harry: dare

Zayn: i dare you to kiss Niall's cheek!

Harry: ok *kiss Niall's cheek*

Louis: you cheater!

We all burst out laughing

Harry: ok, Ellie truth or dare?

Ellie: dare!

Harry: ok then, i dare you to make out with louis in the closet for 30 seconds!

Liam: what?

Harry: come on it is just a dare

Liam: fine

Ellie: ok...

I grabbed Louis's hand and went in the closet. i was really dark then i leaned in to louis and louis leaned in too then we started kissing for a very long time!


Me and Louis came out of the closet smiling

It was now 5:00pm and i went to my room and got ready.

Louis's POV

I am so nervous it was 6:00pm and when i saw Ellie come out of her room she looked beautiful!

Me: Ellie you look stunning!! 

Ellie: thanks you look handsome

Me: thanks, shall we?

Ellie: we shall

we head to the car, louis opened it for me and jogged to his seat we went of to the movies. we arrived. I got out of his seat and helped Ellie out.

Ellie: so what movie and we watching?

Me: um.. how bout' a scaring movie? 

Ellie: what if i am really scared?

Me: it is ok because i am right by your side!

Ellie: thanks

we got our tickets and went inside. I went to buy the popcorn and thing then we sat down then the movie was startin. there was a part that was really scary to Ellie so she screamed!


Me: it is ok love!

Ellie: thanks lou!

we snuggled next to each other. after the movie we went out and headed to the car but before we got in....

Me: Ellie, i know we just met and i just took you on a date be i was just wondering if you could do me a honor of being my girlfriend? 

Ellie's POV

Louis: Ellie, i know we just met and i just took you on a date be i was just wondering if you could do me a honor of being my girlfriend? 


Louis jumped up and hugged me and then he kissed me and i kissed him back

Me: I love you boo-bear

Louis: i love you too babe!

we went home and went inside


All: Congrats dude!!

Even Liam was happy for me and my boo- bear.




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