He Only Wished Upon a Star

After Danielle left him he had nothing but when he wishes upon a shooting star does his wish come true... Meeting that little softball girl will change his life forever. But will all end well......


2. Why Would You??

Liam's P.O.V

"Danielle dont please they didnt mean it!" I wanted her to stay. stupid people why would they say that! "Liam listen i seen them tweet it dont try to make it look ok its to late!" She stuck up her middle finger ,slammed the door,and left me behind not talking for days. Finally it was time. 

New Message from My Baby<3

*Liam listen your an amazing person but all we do is argue about your stupid fame and hate i think its time we split up. Im sorry.

I couldnt believe her! i never did anything to her! Screw the haters! I walked out one the balcony and watched the sky. All i seen was a black sky, in till i saw the first star. please let me find a new girl a beautiful girl that will understand everthing! please let it happen! 

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