He Only Wished Upon a Star

After Danielle left him he had nothing but when he wishes upon a shooting star does his wish come true... Meeting that little softball girl will change his life forever. But will all end well......


5. The Truth

Jadyn's P.O.V

Hahahahaha Harry got in trouble! They are so stupid they should know better than to mess with her. "Umm Lara do you think she might force stuff out of Harry?" i wasn't sure what to expect she didn't know Liam and Danielle broke up! Harry said not to tell her. "I dont know Jay she seems pretty mad.." Lara answered . I'm asking Harry.

To: Hazza 

*What's going on over there?

Harry's P.O.V

To: Jay

*Shes screaming at me.. LIKE A FREAKING MANIAC!!!!!! HELP ME!! Should i just tell her?

I had no clue what to do, all she was doing was screaming at me not giving me time to explain anything.

Jadyn's P.O.V

"Um.. Lara we have to go save Harry's retarded butt." Great just great shes going to hate us. Me and Lara just left the bleachers. When we got to Harry we seen what was going on...

Rylee's P.O.V

I'M GOING TO MURDER HIM!! " Harry what is this all about?!!!!!!" i was ready to strangle him if he said something smart i'm gonna kick his "Hey guys" Lara and Jay popped out of no where. "What?!" 

" Um we have to talk to you." "About what?"

Harry's P.O.V

Great... now we have to explain all of this! "Rylee, Liam and Danielle broke up and Liam is here to cheer you on to make him feel better but, it's really just so he would try to hook up with you............"


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