He Only Wished Upon a Star

After Danielle left him he had nothing but when he wishes upon a shooting star does his wish come true... Meeting that little softball girl will change his life forever. But will all end well......


3. The Game

Rylee's P.O.V

Great im running five minutes late and Lara and Jadyn still arent here yet im gonna miss my game! I heard a car beep.. YES! It was Lara and Jadyn! "Where have you four been!" i wanted to kill them! "Sorry love,we got stuck in traffic coming from the hotel." Harry said speaking in a suck up voice as always. "Harry, you may be my cousin but that doesn't mean you can be a suck up like that it's not going to work.Sorry love!" He got on my nerves so much! We hopped in the car and left "We're here!" i really wanted to get out of that car Niall ate the whole flipping time! "Good luck 66 love you!" Harry said with a sneaky grin on his face i wondered what was going on i couldn't figure it out. Oh well i have a game to play!!

Harry's P.O.V

She was onto me and Niall you could see it in her eyes.We had the perfect plan we told Liam to come cheer Rylee on to cheer him up, but its really so he can try to hook up with her. we even did this on our stomachs 

Niall painted : Go! I painted: Rylee! Liam painted: 66 :)

I like Liams the most in my personal opinion. :)

Liam's P.O.V

I can't believe im doing this i don't even know Rylee that well. All i knew was she was Harry's cousin and her best friends were Lara,Jadyn,and Bella. i don't understand why I'm doing this! Then again she is gorgeous and single but after Danielle i dont think i want a relationship for al while.

Lara's P.O.V

Rylee was going to be so excited! We all knew shes had a crush on Liam from the first time she saw him. And now hes coming to her game! Rylee's up to bat and she............. CRACKED ONE OVER THE FENCE!! Nice hit love! Cant wait for her surprise! And...........NOW!

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