Louis Tomlinson is kidnapped by some fans. They Torture him because of something that he doesnt know about. Louis Finda A way home and Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn call for help and wait for Louis' fate.


2. Revenge


"ELEANOR!" I Heard Emily shout. "What?!" i shouted back. " Louis' not behaving" Kristen shouted. "ok be down in a seccond. "i was making my way down the stairs to see what was going on and i saw that Kristen wiping her face with a towel and Louis' arm bleeding that made me smirk. I walked over to Louis who had his head down and i asked him what he did to Kristen and he answered with " i spit on her". "Why?!" "becasue she cut me"i slapped him. " Kristen, Emily and Bella its late lets go to sleep. "ok" they all answered at the same time. the walked up satirs leaving me and Louis alone. "why are you doing this?" he asked. "You broke my heart" i answered. i then walked away up the stairs and turned off the light leaving Louis with just a little lamp.


Just then i saw eleanor come towards me. she came down to my level and asked me "What did you do to Kristen?" "I spit on her i answered" "Why?!" "Because she cut me" Then she slapped me. She's such a bitch. Then she told Kristen, Emily and Bella to go to sleep because it was late so the did and waled up the stairs leaving us alone.. "Why are you doing this i asked her in a stern voice" she ansewred with "because you broke my heart" after she said that she left me turning off the light leaving me with a small cheap ass lamp.


Me, Eleanor, And Emily knew Bella didnt wanna do this and let us hurt Louis so when she went to bed we went down to give Louis revenge. When We got down to Louis he had his head down so eleaner grabbed his chin and lifeted it up saying "Louis its revenge time".


I was sitting there with my head down when i heard them coming down. I noticed that , that girl bella wasn't there. Eleanor came over to me and lifted up my chin making me look at her and said "Louis its revenge time" Just then Eleanor got out a knife and cut up the rest of my forearms and the rest of my arms i screamed in pain. she then handed the knife to Emily and emily cut up my hands and then a little of my collar bone and i screamed in pain again. Then Emily Handed the knife to Kristen and she cut up my Chest and stomach I Winced in pain. they laughted and went upstairs to go to bed i think and left me there to bleed out and possibly die..



I was laying in my bed thinking about why i agreed to this and Why they're doing this? Louis seems so nice and caring. Then i had an idea i was gonna help Louis Escape.. i walked into the kitchen and grabbed a water bottle, a straw, and some grapes and made my way down to him to make a plan for escape. I was walking towards  Louis and noticed he was covered in blood. i ran over to him to see if he was okay. "Louis?" he moaned. "are you okay" i asked. "what are you doing down here?" he asked "im gonna help you escape i answered him. "thank you but i think theres no point im gonna die."  dont say that here eat and drink  something to get your strength back. "ok but i cant my hands are tied". " Here" i took out my knife and cut his hands free. "thanks for helping me" he told me.


Thanks for helping me i told Bella she just smiled at me and handed me the water and grapes. i started eating them when she broke the silence. "im so sorry for what happened" she said. its ok from the look of it earlier today you didnt want to do anything to hurt me so its ok. " So whats the plan to get you free" she asked. "well you could just help me up the stairs and i could get out from a window because the door would be to noisy" i suggested. "ok but your in bad shape" she told me "and covered in blood" she added " i looked down to see my white strped shirt, red pants and skin covered in blood. "aww this is my good top" i said grabbing my top. she laughed. she had a cute laugh. When i finished with the water and grapes we started talking about the plan again "i'll be fine my house isn't far from here" i said she just noddede and helped me get up and up the stairs.


Louis finished the grapes and water and i helped him get up and up the stairs to escape. some part of me didnt want him to leave. we got to the window and he was almost out and he suddenly stopped i gave him a questioning look. "my phone do you know where it is" yeah it in the kitchen one sec" i wen to the kitchen to grab his phone i got it and made my way back to him and handed it to him. he smiled and took it. "here" he handed it back i took it and looked at the phone it was open to a new contact. he wanted my number i added my numbr and gave it back. "there and good luck" "thanks he said and kissed my cheek. and just like that he was gone on his way.


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