Louis Tomlinson is kidnapped by some fans. They Torture him because of something that he doesnt know about. Louis Finda A way home and Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn call for help and wait for Louis' fate.


8. Peter And Wendy

Zayn's p.o.v

I came and sat down on the couch thinking of what i just saw. there so close its cute, you would never of knew two people would be so close. i must of been smiling like an idiot because i was snapped out of my thoughts of people asking me what im smiling at. "zayn what are you smiling at?" niall asked. "go look for yourself" i answered. just then they all got up and went to Louis' room. i ran up tp see their reactions, bella was just standing  their in aw. liam and niall were smiling and laughing. that woke harry up. "what the hell?" he asked in a rusky tired voice."shhh dont wake up lou" i said in a quiet voice,just then we all got up and left.

Liam's p.o.v

we were all talking, when we were heard footsteps coming down the steps. it was harry. "how'd you slip out without him waking up?" i asked. "i just did i guess" he answered.

Niall's p.o.v

anyone want tea or hot chocolate? i asked. everyone said tea but bella she wanted hot choclate. i got up and went to the kitchen and made 4 teas and 1 hot chocolate. i soon came back and handed everyone their tea....and hot coco.

Louis' p.o.v

i woke up tied to a pole in a basement...again. i was glancing around the basement when i heard shuffling noices. i had my head down so they would think i was sleeping, i heard a thud and a ow, and i reconized the voice...harry he was laying on the ground infront of me. what the hell is he doing here,. and why? "we thoughtt we could have some fun" one guy out of the two said to me giving me a smirk. thats when they started kicking and punching harry anywhere they could. "say your last good byes to your curly friend" the other one said to me. just like that they picked him up and started dragging him up the stairs, i didnt want them to take him so i yelled "NOOOO HARRY!" they didnt listen. thats when i shot up breathing really heavily and sweating. but i didnt know where i was so i yelled "NOO HARRY!!!. HARRY WHERE ARE YOU!!, I WONT LET THEM HURT YOU! NEVER! but thats when harry came running into my room.

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