Louis Tomlinson is kidnapped by some fans. They Torture him because of something that he doesnt know about. Louis Finda A way home and Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn call for help and wait for Louis' fate.


7. Liam wants to know


I decided I would ask Bella if I could take her out for lunch and she could explain everything that happened and what came over her to help Louis. "Hey Bella can I take you out for lunch and you can explain what happened to Louis and stuff". "Yeah sure" she answered. Me and Bella headed to Nando's so she could explain what happened we got in and ordered our food and sat in silence for a a minute. Until I broke it. "So why did you guys kidnap Louis?" I asked. "Eleanor wanted revenge and Kristen and Emily just thought it would be fun those sick bitches.
And Liam I need you to trust me when I say I had no intentions to hurt Louis Eleanor made me she said if I didn't she would tied me up with him." "I trust you Bella because I can tell you have feelings for Louis, and if you had tensions to hurt Louis you wouldn't help him and I'm very great full you did" "we'll your welcome for that" "thanks" I said with a smirk our food came and we started eating when we were done I decided to ask her what they did all together to Louis. "What did they do all together to Louis." " we'll Eleanor, Emily, and Kristen took turns stabbing cutting him and stuff like that I wouldn't touch him". "Oh" I said looking down trying to hold my tears in. "Thanks for telling me Bella" "your welcome anytime. "


"Peter pan Is just like me not wanting to grow up!" I said "yeAh and I'm your Wendy" Harry said. It was silent for a couple minutes until I broke the silence. "Hazza?" I asked. "Yeah BooBear" he answered "I'm tired" I said "ok I'll come back when you wake up" he said to me getting up. "No I want you to stay"I told him grabbing his waist pulling him back into my bed. "Ok" he said and laughed. I put my arm around his stomach and just like the we were asleep.


I decided to go up and check up on Harry and Louis. I was walking up the stairs when I heard the credit song to.....Peter pan. I walked up to Lou's door and opened it aNd saw them sleeping. Harry was on the side of the bed closest to the door and Louis laying beside him with his arm stretched across his stomach sleeping I just smiled and left and walked back downstairs and sat on the couch and smiled. Everyone looked at me and said what?
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