Louis Tomlinson is kidnapped by some fans. They Torture him because of something that he doesnt know about. Louis Finda A way home and Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn call for help and wait for Louis' fate.


6. Home


"I'm here to see Louis". It was Bella. "And who are you". Harry asked "She's one of the girls from Eleanor's house" I answered Harry. "Well then you can't come in sorry". Harry smirked. " she helped me escape come in Bella" I said. She ran over and hugged me and said "I'm glad your ok" " me to". Sorry guys this is Bella she didn't want to hurt, she helped me plan an escape she's nothing to worry about. "We'll hi Bella it's nice to meet you" everyone said. I smiled. Then a nurse came in and said you can leave now we just need you to sign the release papers. "Ok" I said. Harry helped me out of the hospital and into the car. We arrived home and Harry helped me up to my bed since I had to stay on bed rest. "Thanks Harry" I said "your welcome call or text me if you need anything" "ok but I'm gonna nap" "ok see you later" he said and left.


I am so glad Louis chose to come home and have bed rest. I went down the stairs and saw everyone chatting even Bella. I went and sat on the couches with then and said Louis' talking a nap. He'll text me if he needs anything. Just then I got a text from Louis saying "Hey couldn't sleep mind coming up and watching movies with me?(:" Lou wants me to go up and watch movies with him. "Ok" everyone said. I'll be down for dinner. Just then I was on my way up with a bunch of movies for us to enjoy.


We were all chatting. I was getting on pretty well with Bella. I think I may have feelings for her. Just then Harry came down and said Lou's taking a nap and he's gonna text me if he needs anything. We started chatting again. And I noticed Harry looking at his phone then he spoke up saying. " Lou wants me to come watch movies with him" "ok" I said " I'll be down for dinner" just like that he was on his way.


"HOW DID HE GET AWAY!" I yelled. "We'll Bella's not in her room she's gone" Emily added. "Yeah and I got up this morning early and the window was open a bit but Bella was in her room." "That bitch must've helped him escape," I said. "Maybe" Emily added. "We'll I guess were gonna have to get our revenge on both of them" I said with a smirk. They both laughed and said" I guess"


I put my phone back down after finishing texting Harry. I heard a knock on the door "come in". I knew who it was. "Hey I got some movies and popcorn" he smiled. "Ok" I said and laughed. "We got titanic, notebook, love actually, grease, Peter Pan, toy story 1,2,3 and more" I laughed and smiled at his picks. "Peter pan" I answered him. He put it in and he came under the blankets with me and we started watching it.
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