Louis Tomlinson is kidnapped by some fans. They Torture him because of something that he doesnt know about. Louis Finda A way home and Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn call for help and wait for Louis' fate.


3. Heartbroken


It was 12 at night, dark, and I was trying to find my home. I was at Eleanor's house And I knew her house wasn't far from me and they boys house. I was trying to make my way to the house but it was hard because I was really weak because of how many injuries I had. There it was I finally was home. I was at the door I rang the door bell and just sat down with my head against the wall and cried. Until someone opened the door. It was Harry.


We were all trying to make out what happened to Louis. We were replaying the concert In our heads to see if we could find any clues.everyone was crying. Perrie and Danielle we here helping us until we all heard the door bell ring I said I would get it. I got to the door opened it and saw no one was there I was about to shut the door when I heard "no wait" I looked down and saw A badly injured Louis full of blood. "LOUIS!" I shouted. I yelled for Liam to help me get him inside. Me and Liam carried him in and laid him on the floor. Soon after everyone crowded around. "Louis, Louis?" I asked he moaned.


"Louis, Louis." I heard Harry say. I moaned. " it was Eleanor..." "Sorry what Louis?" Harry asked determined to get an answer. " it was Eleanor" I repeated. " that bitch" Danielle added. That made me smile. " I know how could she" Perrie added. " what did she want with you" Niall asked. I could tell he was crying everyone was. "She said she wanted revenge" I said "for what" Zayn questioned. " she said I broke her heart. " enough chatting call an ambulance!" Harry shouted. Liam got up and did so. Then the next thing I knew I was on a stretcher getting put in an ambulance.

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