Doric Cinderella

Just read it!:)


1. I hiv a hard life!

Well I can tell ye this boys and girls that i bet you dinna hae a hard life, well nae much like cinders hiz, i bet you dinna hae to go on yer hands and knees jist to cleen i fleer!

"humph!" i tell ye if i had a pound fur everytime my ugly sisters said ta ma to cleen i hoose i wid be a gizzilion aire! 

"Cinders!" aye? called cinders "fars ma dust pan and brush?" i dinna ken! shouted cinders "why you needin it onywhy? ye dinna even de cleening it me that gets a the jobbies to dee!"

" oh, Yeh dinna get it me and wilma wiz needin' it to give to you ti cleen our rooms ye neep!" noo get up here NOW and cleen ma room, or else i will get yer soo called wicked step mither up here to sort YOU out!!!"

"OKAY! OKAY! nae need am here am here calm doon! so fit you needing deen?"

" Oh nithin, just em the hale hoose! mauhahhahamauahah!"

"Humph! it just hid to be me i just hid to hae a hard life!:(

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