-Lexi Stephans-
Was that girl no one knows, sees, hears or cares about.
There were five main boys who made her life hell ever since she moved to their school 2 years ago; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.

She thought everyone of them hated her...well that's what it seemed.
But every story has a twist...


12. Why don't you believe me?

"Okay guys I'm going shopping ill be back in about 1 hour you can stay as long as you want, bye" Louis shouted up. The front door slammed close. Maybe she will talk to me now he's gone.
"Lexi. What did he do to you?" I repeated.
"You wanna know what he done to me?" She whispered to me.
I nodded
"You really wanna know what Louis done to me?!" She said started to cry.
"YESS!" I said loudly.
"He raped me Liam, HE FUCKING RAPED ME!" She screamed at me.
It took me a while to process that, no it's a lie. Louis would never hurt her its not him. He could never hurt her like that definitely not. No.
"No. Louis would nev.."
"YES HE DID, I KNOW I WAS THERE!" She screamed back at me with more tears falling from her eyes.
"Lier." I said," YOUR A LIAR" I didn't mean to scream but it made me so angry that she would cause Louis of doing something that vile.
"Out of all people Liam, I thought you would've understood." She whispered then ran out of the house into the pouring rain.

-Lexis POV-
I ran all the way home with no shoes on. It's was tipping it down but I didn't care I just wanted to get away from the house away from him. As I opened my front door I walked into my living room and collapsed onto the sofa and cried and cried and cried. I could feel te blood on my feet but I didn't care I just wanted to die right there on the spot.
I can't believe he used me like that, before I disliked him but now? Now I hate him.

-Louis POV-
Last night was so fun first time I've scored in ages aha. I hope she doesn't opener fat mouth about it to anyone, lol she wouldn't do that she's to scared of me.

-Niall's POV-
Well last night was fun. After we went home grace came back to mine. She is such an excited girl she is so funny it's unreal. We were laughing the hole night it was so fun. She's cute. And she said she wants to get to know my friends at bit better so she can keep a convo going if I ever go to get a drink or something. SO IM GOING O ARRRANGE A SMASHING PARTAYY. "PARTY HARD PEASANTS" as Louis would say. That's an epic Idea I thought ill text everyone from yesterday and they can bring a couple of guests or something.
*texts to Grace*
"Hey Grace, party at mine 8pm, wanna come? Will be no fun with out you!��"
"Aww, Niall your so cute hehe yeah is it okay if I come round about 7:45?, ill help you get the stuff ready��"
"Sure thing babe��"
Okay so now that's done ill just send out a mass text to everyone:
"Yo! Party at mine at 8! Be there guys feel free to invite any of your of buddies or girlfriends k! Cya later -Niall "
Well that was easy, right now I need I get part food and drinks (a lot of alcohol) it's the first time we actually parties since we finished our album.

-Lexis POV-
Oh god, another party? Why do they keep having them? I'm gonna have to go otherwise Louis gonna check up on me. And god that's not a good thing!
Best get ready then...

*At the party later*
-Niall's POV-
Okay so there are a lot of people here now grace is looking goooood. Louis and Harry re doing karaoke - typical. Liam is sat alone at the bar and Danielle is partying with some other guys ? That's not right but oh we'll and the only one I can't see is Lexi... I haven't seen her at all since yesterday afternoon. Maybe she's ill?

-Liam POV-
This party sucks my 'girlfriend' is grinding with some other dickheads. Louis an Harry are already drunk Grace an Niall are dancing together, I like grace she seems like a genuinely nice girl but not my type. I don't even think Danielle is my type anymore:/
I then heard the door swing open which interrupted my deep thoughts. I called see shadow of a girl long hair, awesome body shape. Her legs looked liked Lexi's I knew that because her legs are her best feature apart from her eyes. She then stepped into the light she was wearing this perfect black dress longer at the back shorter at the front, not slutty short , perfect short. Her hair was long brown an curly was perfect. I then looked at her face. Oh. Oh my. It was Lexi. She walked straight passed me without even glancing at me once I couldn't help but turn at looked at her as she walked away her body is amazing...
I think Danielle saw me staring at her ,biting my lip cause she tapped my shoulder, I turned away to receive a hard slap across my face,
"WE'RE THROUGH!" She screamed at me throwing a glass of wine in my face. Then she stormed out slamming the door behind her. I don't know why but I was kinda happy (not about the slap. But about breaking up!). I then realised my t-shirt was drenched I went upstairs into Niall's room taking off my shirt as I entered the room. I looked up and saw Lexi crying on the bed but she looked up and just stared at me, I could tell she had been crying.

-lexis POV-
I went straight up to Niall's room cause I couldn't stay any where near Louis at the moment I was up there for about 10 minutes crying before I heard someone come in I looked up, it was Liam... With no shirt on.. I was in a mood with him at the moment but I couldn't help but stare at him a little..he's so lush... Just his body and his face and his hair and his personality and well him...
"Sorry I got wine on my shirt.." He said in his amazing voice.
"It's fine." I said looking at the floor. "Why do you have wine down your shirt?" I asked trying to sound interested
"Danielle through it at me... When she broke up with.." He said with a slight smile on his face.
I was confused but also slightly happy I was just better at covering it.
"Oh right, ill go and leave you alone" I replied.
"You don't hav.., ok cya later.." He said slowly.
I left the room by that point I had stopped crying. I just sat on the stairs away from everyone for a while. Until I got bored so I went in to the kitchen the only thing I saw was vodka, Malibu, wine and beer so I thought why not?

*1 hour later*
Everyone was wasted in the living room dancing apart from Liam he was drunk, hehe I was but I was drinking responsibly. Lol.
Everyone was cheering so I did to.
"RIGHT HARRY YOU GO FIRST!" Niall shouted in a weird voice.
We look around only to find him sleeping in a cat basket? What the fuck ahah oh Harry.
"OH DEAR LOL, ZAYN?"Niall asked.
"YES MY IRISH BUDDY?" He answered.
Niall and grace look each other smilies and kissed.
Liam sat down on the sofa he was probs Jel aswell.
"Ok, but remember you are not allowed to tell anyone! I hehe forced Lexi," he said pointing at me " to have sex with me haha!" He whispered, "I raped that little slut hahaha, and it felt good lol".

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