-Lexi Stephans-
Was that girl no one knows, sees, hears or cares about.
There were five main boys who made her life hell ever since she moved to their school 2 years ago; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.

She thought everyone of them hated her...well that's what it seemed.
But every story has a twist...


1. The start.

-Lexi's POV-
Finally the end of school bell rang. Nothing to worry to about for two days.
Oh apart from getting home, this is where it always happens...
I reached my down and grabbed my school bag, revealing my new bruises I quickly pushed down my sleeve so no one would see. I headed straight for the door as quick as humanly possible. I kept my head down staring at my muddy shoes I haven't cleaned them since last time. I was halfway home when I felt a massive jolt on my neck, causing me to stumble back into someone's hard body.
I suddenly got a huge whiff of lynx chocolate, it was them...
I closed my eyes wishing it was a dream, when I opened them I saw another pair of deep brown eyes staring back at me. I then felt a huge pain in my leg my head whipped round to see who caused it.
Harry. He laughed then high-fived
Louis , what a dick.
Liam was still staring into my eyes, "what do you want?" I whispered to him. He quickly looked away.
"So how's our little sexi lexi today?" A strong irish accent asked, pulling back my hair.
"What do you want?" I repeated, with a slight whimper.
"You." They all said.
"Never gonna happen" I said loudly just to make sure thy heard.
"What did she say?!" Zayn shouted.
"I said its never gonna happen!" I yelled again confidently.
Zayn leaned towards me grabbing my face with his muscular hand.
"I'm giving you one more chance here, what did you say?!" He spat at me, with a spiteful look in his eyes.
" I said no." I replied once again.
"Liam hold her, Harry cover her mouth, Niall get the baseball bat" Louis Commanded.
I had a feeling these bruises and cuts were gonna be a lot worse than last Time. My eyes were covered, I felt my self being dragged but I don't no where...

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