-Lexi Stephans-
Was that girl no one knows, sees, hears or cares about.
There were five main boys who made her life hell ever since she moved to their school 2 years ago; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.

She thought everyone of them hated her...well that's what it seemed.
But every story has a twist...


18. The date (part two)

-Megan POV-
I pinched myself about 20 times through out dinner just to make sure I wasn't dreaming, I mean he's harry styles... Thee Harry styles! I mean this was like a dream, well it is one of my dreams! And I didn't even have to work for it.
We were on desert now, me and harry both got a slice of chocolate fudge cake each. We were just talking about the most random things I didn't want to say anything that might show im a directioner though so I had to watch what I was saying. Even though it was a double date, there wasn't much double dating going on, lexi and Liam were in there own little world doing all this romantic stuff aha.
We finally finished an amazing meal, I offered to pay but Harry and Liam did. What gentlemen,aha.
The car ride home was great, I think everyone was a bit more relaxed with each other now, me and lexi were already getting closer like we were before.
We pulled into my drive way, I got out and so did Harry, leaving Liam and lexi in the car dancing to Ed Sheeran. He walked me to my door, "I had fun today!" He said smiling
"Me too" I said , not knowing how to reply.
"Ill call you" he said in his low voice
"Yeah and thanks for tonight" I said turning to my door when Harry stopped me,"oh and.." He said.
I turned around, and his lips crashed on mine, hehe, not being cringy or anything but there were sparks... Fuck it there fireworks.
He pulled away after a minute or two and smiled.
"Cya later" he said and walked back to his car, turning round again before he got in.
That was an eventful night.
I met Liam Payne, got my old best friend back, went on a date with Harry styles, Harry styles paid for dinner, Harry styles drove me home with Liam Payne and my old best friend, and Harry styles kissed me! Verrrrryyyyy eventful I would say.

-Liam's, Lexi, Harry and Megan's POV-
Tonight was perfect. But I feel weird, haven't felt like this since the last time...the last time I was...in love...
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