-Lexi Stephans-
Was that girl no one knows, sees, hears or cares about.
There were five main boys who made her life hell ever since she moved to their school 2 years ago; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.

She thought everyone of them hated her...well that's what it seemed.
But every story has a twist...


17. The date (part one)

-Harry's POV-
I rang the doorbell and heard some footsteps, the door opened and there she stood. There she stood. She was stunning, I tried to say something but the words wouldn't come out..
"Y..y.you, lo..ok amazing..." Finally I got some words out, kinda.
"Hehe thank you" she said in a cute voice.
"Come this way" I said in a posh little voice trying to be charming. I held out my arm, which she held onto. I walked her to the car and opened the door and closed it behind her.
"We just have to pick up Lexi and Liam and we will be on our way to dinner" I smiled.
"Who's Lexi?" She sled confused.
"Oh Liam's friend ...well girlfriend I think..."
"I didn't know he had a girlfriend..."
"Yeah her name is Lexi Stephens" I said
"Oh my god really? I used to go to school with her before she moved"
"Haha Small world" I laughed," anyway, Liam should be ready by now so we best go pick him up"
"Okay" she smiled her perfect smile.
We talked the whole way to liams house it was really easy to have a decent conversation with her as well, I swear she was just great with everything!

-Liams POV-
I just got my phone and wallet, when I heard a beeping outside. I went outside to see Harry's car but I couldn't see Harry, just some girl, I guess it was Megan. I got into the back of the car, "hi" I said smiling. "Alright mate," Harry said," this is Megan"
"Hiya" she said shyly.
"Hey"I replied quietly
It was quite awkward to be honest it it only took about 5-10 minutes to get to Lexi's.
when we finally pulled into her drive I hopped out the car and knocked on the door. She opened the smiling, "hey you" she said quietly.
"Hey beautiful" I replied giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. And walked to the car holding the door open for her, I quickly ran round the other side and got in.
*20 minutes later*
After a long drive we finally go to the harvester we got out the car and started walking in to the restaurant , me and Harry were talking infornt of meg and Lexi when all of a sudden I heard a shout/laugh thing ,"oh my god! Megg I can't believe it's you! I haven't seen you in ages! I've missed you!" me and Harry turned around to see Megan and Lexi hugging.
"Hay, what's up with those two?" I whispered to Harry.
"Oh right, they like grew up together" he replied.
"Ooohhhhhh right " I laughed.
We got into the restaurant and asked for a table for 4 , they had one already set up, must've known we were coming...somehow?
We went to our table I was sat next to Lexi and opposite Harry, obviously Harry was sat next to Megan.
*eating desert*
Me and Lexi were sharing this ice cream thing and looking into each others eyes...her eyes were so beautiful... Like her, I was so lucky to actually have her....
A/N sorry it's so short, so I'm gonna write two parts for this cause its really short ill probably post part two after Christmas.
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