-Lexi Stephans-
Was that girl no one knows, sees, hears or cares about.
There were five main boys who made her life hell ever since she moved to their school 2 years ago; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.

She thought everyone of them hated her...well that's what it seemed.
But every story has a twist...


5. Getting ready.

Crap, the party. How could I forget!
It was Annie Henderson's 19th birthday party. Everyone's going! How can I face the others this is the second time I've escaped , Louis is gonna be so pissed.
*The next afternoon*
Okay, it's 4:00pm and the party starts at 6:30pm that gives me..1...2... 2 1/2 hours to get ready. Yeah, first I need shower.
*20 minutes later*
Good nice and clean, hairs smelling good, soft hairless legs, natural skin-well maybe it isn't that good but ill cope. Anyways, first things first make up.
I put on a light layer of foundation with a little bit of powder to even it out. I wore some pink lip gloss to give my lips a natural look. I drew a thin line of black eyeliner on my top lid giving it a little flick just to look cool. I put on some mascara as usual. Just to finish it off I put of a light brush of blush along my cheek bone. Secondly hair time.
I combed my hair into my middle parting. Then I blow dried my hair till it was jump damp. I scrunched mouse into my hair returning it to its normal curly form. "To the wardrobe" I said , laughing to myself. I opened the door looking into my small wardrobe "hmmmmm" I thought to myself "what should I wear tonight , something to impress everyone or something to impress Liam?" Trust me there is a big difference. But I'm gonna go for... Liam. Right looking at his ex Danielle (the bitch that cheated on Liam with an older man, leaving him broken hearted...till he met me - big headed , I don't care ) I saw he liked girls who were quite smartly dressed ��nice hair��, nice eyes�� and who was confident �� I will try my best?
Ah ha there it is the perfect outfit for tonight! I reached out and grabbed the hanger with a nice medium length red dress on. Not very tight at the bottom but a little tighter at the top. I reached under my bed to find my nice black high heels about 3-4 inches. Perfect. I got my little handbag put my phone,purse and key in. Got my shoes on done some finishing touches on my make up put on some perfume. Now I'm ready to party. I opened the door looking at my watch it was 6:30 crap.. Oh well who cares if I'm a little late? Not like anythings gonna happen...
I sat in my car turned my keys and drove to the club. I parked close because it was cold outside and I didn't want to walk far in these killer heals. I walked in my. And what was the first thing I saw Liam and some girl kissing, on the dance floor. Now I need a plan...Louis.
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