-Lexi Stephans-
Was that girl no one knows, sees, hears or cares about.
There were five main boys who made her life hell ever since she moved to their school 2 years ago; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.

She thought everyone of them hated her...well that's what it seemed.
But every story has a twist...


19. friends?

*next day* 

-Louis POV-

i woke up at about 6 am... again. i haven't been to sleep properly ever since the party...

i don't know why i done it, i mean of course i like her but it didn't give me the right to go and do that.
Im happy that she's a lot better now... she says she's forgiven me, but i know deep down she hasn't. maybe if i waited she might of got with me instead of Liam, liam must still be pissed at me because he actually like liked her in the first place. i wish he had told me! i haven't seen him since the morning i apologised, it feels like forever ago now. I'm gonna have to see him again some time, i mean i still want to be friends. i couldn't live without a bit of LiLo... aha.
Okay, i could invite to a pub, actually he doesn't really like to drink plus if he does drink hes more likely to punch me and I'm not in the mood today. How about a McDonalds? 

*texts to Liam*

Louis: Hi, alright mate?

Liam: hi

Louis: um, we haven't spoke in ages and i was wondering if you wanted to get a McDonalds later?

Liam: no sorry, I'm not in the mood for McDonalds...

Louis: Coffee?

Liam: no thanks.

Louis: Come On Liam! You Cant Ignore Me Forever!

Liam: Why not? 

Louis: Because! I understand that you must hate me right now but i am sooo sorry! i didn't mean to hurt her, i was just, i dont know? i was just being stupid. So come on just one McDonalds?

Liam: fine. Meet me at 2, k?

Louis: Yes thats fine, thanks.

-Lexi POV-

I had soo much fun last night, me and meg got along really well, and there were no awkward silences which is a plus. Liam was being adorable, when we were waiting for our food his hand slowly reached out and took my hand in his, i couldn't help but smile, our eyes locked but not like the forced kind of locked i mean, i got lost in his deep brown eyes...

Anywayy, enough rambling on! what am i doing today? i quess i can just watch movies or something:) i have had thee worst stomach ache ever! and my it feels like im being continuously punched in the head:( 
Please dont tell me its..shit.. i bet its 'that time of the month' i better get prepared to feel like shit for the next five day, yay.

-Louis POV- 
*1:40 pm*

i better head over to McDonalds then dont wanna keep Liam waiting, he already wants to kill me! i understand why but seriously he needs to forget it i mean come on Lexi has forgotten already!

I got out of my car and locked the doors, then headed in. I saw Liam on a circular table at the back of the seating area. He looked up and saw me then his head went straight back down to the table. I walked through the doors and walked over to Liam. He didn't have anything on the table so I guess he hasn't ordered anything yet? I don't know Louis: hi Liam: alright? Louis: do you want anything to eat? Liam: no thanks i think I'm going to dinner tonight with.. Lex Louis: oh okay, so how is it between you to? Liam: it's good, really good. Louis: I'm glad to here it bro. I hope we can go back to how we used to be, I hope this hasn't wrecked our friendship or anything? Sorry if it sounds cheesy and I know it does but you're my best friend and I'm sorry Liam: aha, it's okay. As long as Lexi has forgotten then so can I. Louis: Gooodd anyways I need a burger sure you don't want one? Liam: Go on then. *after McDonalds* I said good bye to Liam and left McDonald's, it went well I guess our friendship is nearly back to normal? Then I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, it was a text from Zayn " Vas Happeninn?! I mean Hi, I'm bored! Go to town for a bit? Ill meet you at Starbucks in 10 minutes, thanks " I guess I was going to town? -Lexi POV- I was nearly dying seriously I didn't know the pains could get this bad, I've already had a paracetamol but it hasn't done anything. I had no make up on my hair was up in a really unattractive messy bun, I was in a baggy jumper that and some pyjama shorts with some really comfy fluffy socks. It's was already 5pm and I had eaten chocolate for breakfast chocolate for a snack cake and chocolate for lunch and I was eating chocolate right now. I went back up to my room so I could get back into bed and watch another sad film to find my phone ringing it was Liam. *phone call with Liam* Me: hello? Liam: are you nearly ready? (Shiite I totally forgot! I was having dinner with Liam tonight!) Me: umm, I don't think I can make it..sorry I didn't call to tell you Liam: it's fine babe, what's up? Me: urrmm, just don't feel very well , stomach ache, headache , just urr normall women problems... Liam: okay, ohhhright, i get you... Do you want me to come round? Me: noo it's fine, you go have fun with your friends aha, I'll see you tomorrow Liam: Oh, okay, see you later *end of phone call* Ow:( I lied, i did want him to come round, I like being with him, I love being with him. He always new how to make me feel better as well, but then I go and tell him that I'm on the fucking 'blob' as people say, I bet he's just sat there at home thinking " ew ew ew, she could've just said she was ill". I can't believe I just told him that it's soooo embarrassing:( okay I'm gonna lay down in bed and cry about the fact I'm alone. *20 minutes later* I was just drifting off to sleep when the doorbell rang, it scared the shit out of me! I groaned and rubbed my eyes so they could adjust to the daylight, I stomped down stair and quickly checked in the mirror so I didn't look really really really bad. But I still looked bad. I opened the door slowly and looked round, expecting it to be the post man or something but it was Liam. He was stood there with a bar of galaxy, a big tub of ice creams and two forks, cute, two cups of coffee from Starbucks and one of his jumpers. I couldn't help but smile at how perfect he was, and how well he understood me, aha. "Hello beautiful" he said smiling. "Hi" I said shyly, "come in" I opened the door, he put the stuff on a table and took of his shoes and his coat. I started to walk upstairs, he followed me up with all the stuff. I put on a sad film called 'the last song ' And got into bed, he passed me his jumper. "Why are you giving this to me?" I asked confused. "To wear, silly" he said laughing a little I blushed at how stupid u was before putting it over my head, it was baggy the way I liked it, and it smelt like him:) He got in next to me and wrapped his arms around me, he reached over to the ice cream and forks and put it on the bed. I played the movie and within ten minutes I fell asleep... -Liam POV- Lexi fell asleep within 10-20 minutes of the movie. She looked so peaceful and innocent. I carried on watching the movie she hugged me tighter for a couple of seconds before returning to how we were before, so I pulled her closer to me,she was dreaming because she kept smiling and her eyelids were moving a little. Then very very quietly I heard her whisper/mumble something I couldn't exactly understand but then she said it again..." i..i lo..love you... Liam..." ******************************************************* A/N I am so sorry if has taken me so long to update. Writers block sucks and I've been really busy lately but I will try to update sooner next time! Hope you like it! Sorry if its not very long.

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