-Lexi Stephans-
Was that girl no one knows, sees, hears or cares about.
There were five main boys who made her life hell ever since she moved to their school 2 years ago; Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Liam.

She thought everyone of them hated her...well that's what it seemed.
But every story has a twist...


9. Bad memories ?

*next evening*
Right, movies ready drinks are ready pizzas on its way, looking good as usual. And my buds on their way. Nothing can go wrong tonight...

-Liam's POV-
I knocked in Louis door holding Danielle's hand I looked at her, "you didn't have to come you know.." I implied.
"Of course I did, it's not like I don't like anyone of you" she laughed.
Louis finally opened the door he welcomed us in his house was tidy an so modern. We went into the living room the coffee table was full of drinks and snacks. It looked great.
"Pizzas on its way, and we got movies over there if you want to look at what ones you wanna watch" he said.
Just then then door bell rang Louis went to answer it.
"Wassupppp" I hear a deep voice say, haha Harry's a legend.
" hi Louis" Zayn laughed,"Niall said hell be over soon, he just waiting for grace" he added.
"Who's grace ?" Louis asked.
"Some chick he met at the party.. I don't no ?" Harry said.
" okayyy anyway , Liam in the living room....with Danielle"
"Yayyy..." They all whispered sarcastically.
It hurt me a but but I understood why they said it. Danielle was just smiling to herself.
"So when's Lexi coming?" I asked trying to make conversation
"She just texted me saying that she's on her way and that she loves me" Louis replied smirking at me.
(I do like Louis he's a good friend but sometimes he can be a real dick. )
I looke away as if I wasn't bothered even though I knew I was. For some reason I was annoyed at Lexi ... For choosing him not me. I don't see why she chose him after all he's done to her. I know I watched what it happen and it isn't exactly good but at least I didn't physically hurt her.

-lexis POV-
I gotta go to Louis but I want him to think I look ugly so he'll dump me, so I'm gonna wear some old Jeans, T-shirt and some converse and my hair in a pony tail (a very boring one), no make up on at all so I look bare. Good that'll do.
I picked up my keys and left for Louis house.
"I'm on my way. " I sent to him.
"Okay hunnie" he instantly replied back, what a sad little life he must lead. I pulled on to his drive way and go out making sure I looked awful. I walked up to his front door and knocked.
"Hello georg.." He began till he saw me properly," wow in hi...."
Aha that's brilliant he already thinks I'm unattractive.
"Right I go get you a drink and the others are on the living room" he said walking away.
OTHERS? I didn't know there would be others. I don't care about my clothes just my face is all spotty and shit. THINK LEXI THINKK!
ohhhh my spare make up and bag in the glove box. I quickly ran back to my car, got the bag ran into Louis house slamming the door.
"Just using the bathroom to freshen up" I called out.
I quickly put on foundation powder mascara blush and lip gloss then ran down stairs.i stopped outside the living room then casually walked in.
I saw Harry and Zayn playing ps3 like little 10 year olds which was cute haha, I round and saw Liam sat on the sofa I smiled at him then looked down and saw Danielle between his legs playing on her phone. My smile when immediately.
They was no where for me to sit.... Apart from the sofa. I slowly walked over to the sofa and sat down down trying to get as close to the edge as possibly I didn't want him thinking I liked him because I sat next to him.. We sat there in silence for about 10 minutes before Louis came in "he are the drinks everyone" he said , breaking the tension.
"Right, while the pizzas on its way wanna play a game?" He added. We all sat there waiting for him to say the name of the game.
"Truth or dare?" He finally said smiling at me showing his crystal white teeth and winking at me...
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