Im Broken

Jordan gets bullied by her twin sister Jay. Zayn, your brother believes Jay and not you. Everyone Hates You because they think you are evil. But your friend Hailey is all you got. Will the truth be revealed?


1. Zayn's Back

Jordan's POV

Hi, my name is Jordan Mae Malik. Yes of course im The Zayn Malik's sister along with my twin sister Jay Rose Malik. She bullies me everyday but she lies to everyone that im the one who bullies her so everyone hates me. Well, not everyone I got my only friend Hailey. She is always there for me when i get bullied. Right now im almost turning 18, i cant wait but ehh. I still remember last year when we both turned 17. She got a car for her birthday but i got a cupcake. Yeah, it sucks to be me. Since i only got Hailey on my side because she had seen what Jay have done to me. Okay, moving on. In a few more hours Zayn is coming home back in Bradford with his friends...... Great, more people to hate me. Well i just hope i can get someone else to be on my side.

"SLUT! HURRY UP. I WANNA SEE ZAYN." Jay called me from downstairs. "Just a sec" i yelled back from upstairs. I took a quick look at myself in the mirror. I wore a black hoodie with a white tank under it, red ripped skinny jeans with my purple converse. I just let my long brown hair down, i think it looked natural that way. "ARE YOU DONE YET?" "Yeah Im coming." I went downstairs and found Jay by the door holding the car keys. "Well took you long enough." "Well, sorry" She scoffed at me but i just rolled my eyes and get in her car then drove of to the airport.

We got to the airport i waited then i heard Zayn's voice. "Jay! I missed you" "I missed you to!" I just stood there in awkward, and Zayn doesnt notice me. Then i saw 4 other guys. Harry the curly haired one, Niall the blonde and irish one, Liam the most responsible also know as daddy direction and then there's Louis the carrot lover. I always thought he stand out the most. Zayn introduced Jay the the boys but then Niall notice me. "Who's that?" Niall said while pointing me. Zayn told them who i was in a boring tone. I just waved at them in awkwardness. "Are we just standing in here or are we going back home, im starving here." Niall said. We walked to Jay's car then Jay turned to me and said "I dont think we have any room in the car." She gave me a evil smile. "Jordan can walk home" i heard Zayn said.

Louis POV

"Jordan can walk home" i heard Zayn said. Jordan's eyes widen and said "But thats like 5 miles away""You deserves it for treating Jay so mean" I looked at Jay then she gave Jordan a smirk, i didnt think Jordan was mean to her. I think Jay is the one who bullies her. So i said "Or she could sit on my lap" When i said that Jordan looked at me then looked at Jay who was giving her a look. "I think i should walk, i really do need to exercise" "Are you sure love?" Harry said. "Yeah" she mumbled. As she started walking, i told Zayn "Ill walk too, i want to get some tea along the way." "You sure lad? we can drive you there." "Nah, its okay ill walk" "Okay then so Leggo" i heard Jay said to the rest of the guys. 

I caught up to Jordan and weakly smiled at me. "You dont really look like a mean person" "Uhm.... thanks? i guess"

Jordan's POV

Does he care about me? Or course not. He kept asking me questions but i just answered a few. Later on he asked me "Are you the one being bullied and not Jay?" I stood quiet at that question. "Uhm... ill tell you later" i told him. He nodded and continued walking. Just 1 more mile to go. I told him that he can go home and ill be at a friends flat. He walked the rest home and i stopped at Hailey's flat. I knocked at her door and her mom answered. "Hey Jordan, Hailey's upstairs" "Kay, Thanks." I went upstairs and into her room. "Hailey!" "Jordan!" We hugged. "So whats up?" "Zayn and his friends are here" "More lies and trouble again?" "Not yet" "Oh, so lets go to your house. Ill drive" "Thanks, your the best" We went downstairs and into the car and off we go to my house.

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