Im Broken

Jordan gets bullied by her twin sister Jay. Zayn, your brother believes Jay and not you. Everyone Hates You because they think you are evil. But your friend Hailey is all you got. Will the truth be revealed?


5. Now just Hailey And Niall

Jordan's POV

I woke up the next morning, sleeping with someone arm's around me? Niall.... Oh my god, and the door is wide open. I just hope Louis didnt see. It was just 4:00 am in the morning. Niall woke up. " Ello love, why up so early?" he said while rubbing his eyes. "I dont know. I hope no one saw us sleeping together." I told Niall looking worried. "Why, you like someone?" he said giving me a goofy smile. "Uhm.. no one" "Your lying. Your a bad liar" he said laughing a little. "Okay fine i do." I told him shyly. "Haha, its fine love. Who is it anyways?" "Louis" I mumbled. "Huh? Speak louder" "Louis" I mumbled again but louder.

"Oh my Nandos! Congrad!" I looked at him confused. "What? I cant congrad a person who has a crush on my best lad?" He winks at me. "Haha, fine then. Thanks?" I said while walking out of my room. I saw him laid back down and went back asleep. I went into the kitchen to get something to eat.

 Louis's POV

I woke up early in the morning cause i needed... you know.. to go. After i got out, I ran into Jordan. "Watch where your going" I said to Jordan while pushing her into the wall and walking back to my room. I heard running but i dont really care anymore. She played me so i dont care about her anymore but i still do kinda like her.

Niall's POV

I was about to fall back asleep until I heard the door flew open then closed. I saw Jordan crying and ran into me for a hug. "The person I love hates me" she told me while she was sobbing. "Shhh... What happen love?" i asked her and hugged her to keep her comfort. "I was about to walk up here until i ran into Louis then he yelled at me and pushed me into the wall." She told me while she cried.

Why would Louis be like this? He is never like this. "Wait here Jordan, Ill talk to Louis" I said while walking over to Louis room.

Jordan's POV

I sat there waiting for Niall. He took pretty long so i called Hailey. "H-hailey, can i come over?" I said while sniffling.  "Of course, tell me what happen when i get there to pick you up." "Okay, see you in a few. "I said to her through the phone. I stood up, took a short shower and got dressed. I just wore my red ripped skinny jeans and a nice floral shirt. I left a note for Niall saying that i went to Hailey's.

10 minutes later, i heard a knock and ran quickly downstairs. I opened it and it was some girl. "Hi, im looking for Louis. Im Eleanor." She said. I was about to talk until I heard Louis. "Babe, come on in" I heard Louis said to Eleanor. My heart just shattered into pieces, I saw Hailey so i ran up to her and get into her car and drove off. I cried along the way.

My heart is torn apart, no scratch that actually my heart is shattered into millions and millions of pieces. I was finally getting that life back, but that just brought me back down. I told Hailey everything, she comforts me. Then my phone got a text message, it was from Niall. "Hey Jordan, might if i came over to Hailey's?" I looked at Hailey "Is it okay if Niall comes over?" "Yeah, that would be great" She said with a smile. I could tell that she likes him. 

I texted Niall and told him the address. Few minutes late, me and Hailey heard a doorbell. Hailey went to go get it then returned with Niall following her. "Hey Niall" I said quietly. "Hey Jordan, how you feeling? I talked to Louis" "Oh, im feeling kinda better. What did h-he said?" I saked Niall letting down a few more tears. "Uhm... I asked him why he acted up all like that to you but he wouldnt tell." I thought about last night, me sleeping with Niall. I think he probably saw us and misunderstood on what he saw.

Hours later it was 6:00 pm, Niall went back and i decided to stay at Hailey's for a few nights.  Zayn wouldnt bother, he doesnt even care about me.

Harry's POV

"As anyone seen Jordan?" i said everyone in the living room. "I know right, i havent seen her all day." Liam said. "I dont know, im just glad she isnt here to bully Jay" Zayn said smiling at Jay. Niall came back. "Hey lad, where have you been?" i asked Niall. "I was hanging out with some friends" Niall said with his hands in his pocket. He seems to suspicious. 

"Who were you hanging out?" Liam asked Niall. "Uhm.... With... Jordan and Hailey" i heard him whispered. "Who?" I heard Zayn asked. Then Niall went into the kitchen then upstairs to his room locking it. Everyone looked confused then looked at him. "He said he was hanging out with Jordan and Hailey?" I told everyone.

"What? Why?" I heard Zayn with a nervous tone. "I dont know, why wont you ask him" i told Zayn while i was walking into the kitchen to cook us some dinner.


Author's Note

Im a really doing good? Im trying my best to update my stories but kinda busy with school and homework.

I know, probably Louis doesnt act like that -_____- but its just a storie k? Ill maybe add more characters in later in the story...

Im planning to do another book after im done with this one. Then maybe do a sequel for this? I dont know yet, depends if people read this and they want me to continue so yeah, I really enjoy making this so I hope you like, favorited and became a fan of me ^o^ Keep readin folks! xx

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