Im Broken

Jordan gets bullied by her twin sister Jay. Zayn, your brother believes Jay and not you. Everyone Hates You because they think you are evil. But your friend Hailey is all you got. Will the truth be revealed?


2. More Troubles and Lies

Me and Hailey went to my house. As we went into the living room, i see everyone listening to Jay and her lies. "Zayn, is it okay if Hailey sleepover here tonight?" I asked. "Yeah whatever, but no being mean to Jay though. Also you Hailey." "Why would I?" Hailey asked Zayn. "Your friends with.... that" Zayn mumbled. "Well, you need to stop treating Jordan like this. You never even listen to her side of the story" Hailey told Zayn. With that, me and Hailey went to my room and chill for awhile.

Zayn's POV


I just ignored Hailey. I continued listening to Jay. "She always tease me and beat me up" She quietly sobbed. "Im really sorry Jay that i wasnt here to protect you from Jordan. Next time ill try talk to manager on bringing you to the next tour thats coming up in a few more months." I told Jay. She smiled and said "Thank you Zayn, I love you" "I love you too Jay" Brother and sister moment until Niall butted in. "When dinner?" "Ill get Jordan to cook" i told Niall. "Jordan! Make dinner!" "Okay." I heard footsteps from the stairs, it was Jordan and Hailey. They both head to the kitchen and started cooking.

Jordan's POV

I headed to the kitchen and helped me cook dinner which was chicken, mashed potato with gravy and for desert, a fruit salad. As we cooked, i heard Jay come into the kitchen. "Hey slut and bitch" she said quietly, loud enough for me and Hailey to hear and not the boys. "Hey Jay, wanna help?" I asked her really politely. "Sure" she said then grabbed mash potato and threw it at me. I had mash potato on my hair. "What the?!?!?! Wha-" I got cut off when i saw Zayn and his friends come into the kitchen. "What in the world happened here?" Zayn looked at me then to Jay who started to tear up. "Jordan! What did you do this time?!?!" He yelled at me. "I accidentally fling mash potato into her cause i had trouble stirring it then she yelled at me." Jay told them her story but then Hailey yelled "Liar! What was not even close to the actually story!" "Dont you dare yell at Jay like that" Zayn tried to defend Jay. I looked at Hailey with a stop look. Hailey calmed down then i spoked. "I technically yelled her bu-" Zayn cut me off again. "You know what Jordan, you are grounded for 5 months! I cant take you being mean to Jay anymore" Zayn yelled at me again.

I ran into my room tearing up. Louis and Hailey went after me but i locked my door. I grabbed a razor and started cutting myself. I thought to myself, What did i ever do to Jay? I dont even know that i did to her. Ever. Why do i deserve this? I wanna die already, i cant handle anymore hatred and lies.

Later, my wrist my badly bleeding. I just sat there until my door flew open and saw Louis and Hailey. They were shocked, they ran to me and comfort me. Then Louis came back with a first aid kit and cleaned my cuts. I bit my lip as he cleaned it, it really stingged so Hailey held my hand. I squeezed it a few times. Louis looked at me with a worried look. I knew he cared for me. I was happy but yet upset that Zayn still believes Jay and not yet listening to my side of my story.

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