Im Broken

Jordan gets bullied by her twin sister Jay. Zayn, your brother believes Jay and not you. Everyone Hates You because they think you are evil. But your friend Hailey is all you got. Will the truth be revealed?


11. Leaving and maybe coming back?

Jordan's POV ~ 2 months later~


It has been two months since the "incident" and everything went back to the way it was. Jay turned evil again and everyone still hated me. Well, except Louis and Niall. I still missed Hailey and visit her graveyard about 3 times a week. 

Well, today is the day im moving out to pretty much get a better life. Im moving to America to stay away from hatred. Everyone didnt really care but Louis and Niall. They begged me to stay but i refused. They finally understood and started bawling since i was leaving probably never coming back.

"Jordan.... you know you dont have to leave..." Louis said in between sniffles.

"I know but i just cant stand anymore hatred from people i love even though they hate me. " I said while packing my finally bag.

Louis sighed then Niall came running in my room yelling. "Jordan, please dont leave me" he shouted and started tearing up.

"I made my choice and my final choice is leaving okay?"

Louis and Niall hugged me really tight. "We'll miss you" they said. I started tearing up. These were the only people i have left and now im leaving them.

They dropped me off to the airport and for some reason Jay tagged along. As we got to the airport, i have my last hugs to them and also Jay. Jay slipped a paper into my hand and whispered, "dont open it until your in the plane"i nodded and started boarding onto the plane.

I took my seat next to this pretty girl who looked depressed so i decided to talk to her cause she looked lonely.

"Hey, im Jordan. Are you okay love?"

"Oh hi, im Chloe. Not really" she sniffled.

"Do you wanna talk about it to me?" i asked really politely.

"Yeah, I have a boyfr- erm i mean ex boyfriend who used me to get closer to my sister. I caught them making out on my couch." She said then starts crying really hard.

I have her a hug "No worries love, there are stil plenty guys out there and one day you'll find your one and only" i said as i comforted her.

"Thanks Jordan. You look similar..." she looked at me as she was examining me.

"Uhm... As Zayn Malik's sister?" i whispered.

"Oh my god, Your Jordan Mal-" i covered her mouth.

"Shhh, dont want anyone to know okay?" She nodded then i took my hand off.

"So what are you doing here? Arent you suppose to be back in England with your brother?" she questioned.

Should i tell her? She can be my new friend. "Im moving since im unwanted there" i explained. She looked really confused. "I have a twin sister who bullies me and tells everyone else i bully her even though i dont. So Everyone hates me besides Louis and Niall." 

She nodded. "Hey you have a place to stay?" she asked kinda excited.

Shoots, i knew i forgot something. A House... "Um.. I might have forgot to buy a house" i mumbled but she heard me.

"You can live with me, i have a big flat but i live alone" she offered. 

"Yes, thank you" i smiled big.

The rest of the plane ride, we got to know each other and got really close. I told her about what Jay did to me and she believed me since i kinda had proof. Later late at night we arrived. Chloe was in England for a visit so she came back to America. We got our luggage then head to Chloe's red bmx then we drove to her flat.

It was an hour drive so i just took out my ipod and listened to music. Then i realized i havent openthat note that Jay gave me. I took it out of my pocket and opened it. It was a letter from Zayn?

Dear Jordan,

Im really sorry i didnt say goodbye but ill miss you. Even though you bully Jay but ill always love you of course. Your my little sister and please take care. Come visit sometimes, home wouldnt be the same without you. ~Zayn you brother <3

As i read, i smiled. He still love me no matter. Later we got the Chloe's flat which is now ours. It was really big. A living room with 2 couches, 1 loveseats and a flat screen tv. Then there's a kitchen next to the living room. Upstairs had 4 rooms with a bathroom in each of them.

"Wow, why do you live alone in this huge house?" i asked as took of my shoes.

"My parents own a music producers and they bought me this for me and a few friends but i havent told them i didnt have any friends since everyone would use me to get famous" she explained.

"Aww, its okay. I would never do that. Im not even interested into becoming famous until my brother did."

She chuckled and showed me my room. It was big. I unpacked then i saw a book in my suitcase, it was a scrapbook from Louis and Niall.

I opened it and saw a bunch of pictures of us. Some with Hailey in it. As i looked at the last page it was letters from Louis and Niall. They are so sweet, why did i ever leave them? Should i go back with Chloe?

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