Im Broken

Jordan gets bullied by her twin sister Jay. Zayn, your brother believes Jay and not you. Everyone Hates You because they think you are evil. But your friend Hailey is all you got. Will the truth be revealed?


8. Kidnapped

Jordan's POV

I woke up to a strange black room. I looked around and saw Jay on a bed, she woke up and looked frightened as me. "Jordan, where are we?" I heard her voice crack a bit. "I... I dont know." I whispered softly. Then I saw a door, I quickly to it and tried to open it but it was locked. "What the fuck is going on?" I thought to myself. "Jordan.... I think we're at Reese's House" she said frightened. How in the world did we get here? All I remember was falling asleep next to Jay's bed.

Few minutes later, i heard footsteps and 2 guys talking. I listened to their conversation really carefully also Jay. "Where are they right now?" I heard a really deep voice, I think it was Reese. "They're in here probably still sleeping" I heard a unfamiliar voice. "Okay then, tomorrow I want you to-" He was cut off by a bang on the door.

Reese's POV

I was cut off by the door being banged by something. I looked through a peek hole and it was the cops. I first panicked but then I told Mason, my brother to act normal and dont be suspicious. We hid the door to where Jordan and Jay was with a large bookshelves. Then I opened the door. "Hello officers, may i help you?" i said with my normal voice. "Yeah, we are just looking in every apartment for a few things." The cop with a clipboard said. "Why wont you come in" I gestured my hand to make them come in. 

Just then I heard Mason coming with some chips in his mouth. Being his usual self was him eating a lot. "Mason, we have guests. Clean yourself off bro" I said pointing to the bathroom. He nodded and understand that i actually meant stay in there until the cops leave. I watch the cops search around my apartment then i notice the door was kinda shown.

Jordan's POV

I peeked through the whole and saw that Reese never covered the door to well. Then i saw cops searching around, he saw me and i mouthed 'Help me, dont tell you found me. My name is Jordan Malik' He nodded softly and pretended not to see me. I was lucky that he found me and understand what i said "Okay, our search is done. Nothing here Dave" The officer who saw me told Dave the other officer. They left later and i remembered that i had my phone in my back pocket.

I texted Zayn where me and Jay was. "Pshh, i dont believe you Jordan. Stop making up lies to me." Zayn replied to me. I cried but Jay comforted me. I give up already. Nothing can save me and Jay since Zayn would never believe me.

Louis's POV

Me and the lads went back to the Hospital to check up on Jay who was with Jordan. When we got into their rooms. They were... gone? Where did they go? "Where are they?" I asked all the lads who looks really confused as I did. "I dont know, did anyone get texted by Jay or Jordan?" Liam asked all the lads. I looked at Zayn who was wide eyed then took out his phone. 

"She wasnt lying?" I heard Zayn whispered. "What do you mean if she wasnt lying and who's she?" I asked Zayn really worried. "Jordan told me that she was kidnapped by Reese and they are at his apartment....." Zayn told me and the lads, later he started bawling his eyes out.

"We should call the cops" I said while grabbing my phone. I dialed the number and it ranged a few times. Will they be okay? I hoped we can get there in time to save them.

Jordan's POV

Me and Jay laid on the bed thinking our lives are now over. Jay kept saying sorry for what happened for the last 11 years. Tomorrow was our birthday and we'll probably be dead by then. Just the I heard a door flew open. Who could that be?


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