Im Broken

Jordan gets bullied by her twin sister Jay. Zayn, your brother believes Jay and not you. Everyone Hates You because they think you are evil. But your friend Hailey is all you got. Will the truth be revealed?


4. Ive been played?

Louis's POV

Im really falling for Jordan. She is just.... so perfect. Her beautiful brown hair, her eyes... everything about her. I will do anything to help her and make her fall for me. Does she think about me that way? Does she feel the same way as i did to her? I told Niall everything, whats going on and about that Jay was the one bullying Jordan. Took him awhile to believe me but I finally did it.

"Hey Niall" "Whats up lad? You seem upset" He asked me. "I really like Jordan" I mumbled. "Whats that lad?" "I-I l-like Jordan" i mumbled a little louder. "Thats nice, maybe after you help the lass, you can confess your love to her" he told me. "Maybe your right, I think i shall do that, Thanks Lad." He man hugged and I went to the kitchen for carrots, of course. I really love carrots but I may love Jordan even more.

Jordan's POV

Am I really falling for Louis? I guess I am. He is just so sweet and charming. I really like hanging out with him, he is really fun to hang out with. Everytime I see him, my heart just skips a beat and my knee starts to become weak. Later, Hailey had to go then i went on a trip to la la land.

After my trip to la la land, my thought were interrupted by Niall who knocked on my door. "Come in" I told him. He opened the door "Hey Jordan, Louis told me everything on what's happening" He said while coming over and sits on my bed. "R-really?" I asked him with a smile on my face. He nodded and hugged me. "No worries Jordan, Me and Louis will get the truth out, We promise."

At that thought, I gain back my hope that everything will be soon to be okay. He was just about to leave but I stopped him. "Wait Niall!" "Yes love?" "Can you sleep with me?" He nodded and walked over to my bed and laid down next to me. I turned my back towards him and I almost fell asleep until a felt warm arms around me. Then i fell fast asleep with Niall's arms around me.

Louis's POV

I was about to go sleep but i went to Jordan's room to check on her. When I got there.... I couldnt believe my eyes! I see my best mate besides Harry sleeping with the love of my life! I already told him how i felt about her and he does that to me?!?!?!?! Was she been playing with my feelings? Im so mad at her and Niall. I dont want to speak to them AGAIN!!!

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