Im Broken

Jordan gets bullied by her twin sister Jay. Zayn, your brother believes Jay and not you. Everyone Hates You because they think you are evil. But your friend Hailey is all you got. Will the truth be revealed?


9. Freedom?

Jordan's POV

I think I just saw Mason, Reese's 18 year old brother running in the room yelling in panick. "Reese! Get the girls asap! The cops coming!" Mason whisper yell to Reese. Later, i was knocked out and saw pitch black.

I woke up in a wood room alone. Where was Jay? I saw a peek hole and looked through it, All i saw was the woods and a medium log cabin. Then see Reese talking to Mason, I wonder what they were talking about. But I didnt really pay attention to that, just then my phone vibrated and it was Zayn? "Jordan? Where are you exactly? We reached to Reese's apartment but its empty." Zayn texted. "I dont know. Im in some sort of woods, Jay isnt with me! I dont know where is she, I think Reese has her!" I replied back.

Zayn's POV

"I dont know. Im in some sort of woods, Jay isnt with me! I dont know where is she, I think Reese has her!" Jordan replied back. Oh my gosh, What am i going to do? I already called the cops and now they're searching for them. I laid in the wall and slid down bawling my eyes out. I just lost my only two sisters.

"Dont worry lad, we'll find them" Liam said trying to comfort me. Just then one officer came up to me and i stood up. "Mr. Malik, is one of your sister to be Jordan?" He asked me, "Y-yes, H-how'd you know? I questioned him while sniffling. "I actually may have found her at first behind here but told me not to tell this guy Reese that i found her" He said while moving a bookshelf revealing a door. 

I quickly walked inside to see a note from Jay. 'Zayn, if you found this letter then you must head to Creek Woods. Reese and his brother Mason is planning to take us there for something. I heard them talking about it. Please Hurry! xx ~Jay' I quickly showed tim the letter and we all quickly got into our cars and drove to Creek Woods.

Jay's POV

I woke up in a bedroom with pictures of me and Reese? Oh no, we're and Creek Woods. I looked around trying to find a way out but then the door flew open. It was Mason. "Hey Jay, you dont have much time. I want you to climb into the balcony and try to get Jordan out of the mini cabin in the back an-" I cut him off. "Why are you helping me?" I asked him. "You actually dont deserve this. He was the one who made the big mistake on cheating on you. Nevermind about that. You gotta go now. Just go through the balcony and save Jordan and just run in the forest! You'll see my old friend Sarah and she'll help you." He instructed me.

I nodded my head and quickly went through the balcony and when i was about to jump down, i saw Reese below my feet. I was scared and my hands were slipping but then Mason made him go into the house. Man, he's a lifesaver. I jumped down and went to the mini cabin to get Jordan.

When i got there, i quickly unlatch the door and grabbed Jordan who was sitting by the door. "Oh my god Jay! Where are we going?" She asked me as we ran. "The woods! Hurry" I told her as we ran then i heard a BOOM!

I looked back at Jordan who was shot on the leg by Reese. He was now chasing us but Mason tackled him down. We continued running until we heard another BOOM! I just hope that wasnt Mason who died back there.

2 hours later, we saw a log cabin. I quickly ran to the front door and knocked. I looked back to Jordan who was bleeding a lot. Then the door opened to see a nice red headed girl. "Oh my god, get inside quickly" she said as she helped me with Jordan.

Zayn's POV

As we got to the woods, I saw a guy and a dead body besides him. The officer's ran to them and i noticed that it was Reese's body that was dead and his brother Mason who was rocking back and forth on the porch. Me and the lads quickly ran to Mason. "Hey Mason, where's my sisters?" I asked him. He just rocked back and forth without saying a word. "Mason?" Liam said. "T-they w-went i-into the forest to run away from R-reese." He told us.

"Do you know where they went?" Louis asked Mason while rubbing his back. "They went to my friend's cabin Sarah. J-jordan g-got s-shot on her left leg" Mason finally said. Jordan got shot? This is my fault, i should've listen to her the first time. "This is all my fault" I whimpered. "It's not your fault lad. We were all at the rehearsals and never knew that Reese would take them." Harry said comforting me.

"No, its my fault for not believing Jordan the first time. I thought she was lying to me like all those times" I finally said. I started crying thinking that Jordan might die and I'll never see Jay or Jordan again.



Author's Note

I just want to say thanks for reading this :) I really enjoy making these. But im actually trying my best to make it good like the drama and the romance xD I've been inspired at school bc of the drama there but when i get home to write it, i lose it.

So anyways keep reading and dont forget to Favorite, become a fan or like it ;)



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