Im Broken

Jordan gets bullied by her twin sister Jay. Zayn, your brother believes Jay and not you. Everyone Hates You because they think you are evil. But your friend Hailey is all you got. Will the truth be revealed?


6. Forgiveness

Jordan's POV

I stayed at Hailey's for almost 2 nights and she thinks that i should go back home. So i did, when i got there the lads were gone then I saw Jay come down the stairs. "Hey Slut Where have you been all these fuckin 2 days? I had things planned but you ruined it when you just had to be gone for 2 whole fuckin days." Jay said while holding her phone. "What plans?" I said to her looking at her confused then my phone vibrated. I looked at it then my email was flooded with hated email. "You gave those bullies who bullied me my email address and phone number?!?!"

Yeah, I didnt tell you everything about me. Ever since Jay was bullying me, everyone did so yeah thats how i ended up with only Hailey on my side. So i deleted my facebook, twitter accounts then changed my phone number and email address so no one from school would bully me through them until Jay gave them my email address and phone number. I still remembered when I went out with Steve Randle, he's captain of the football team. Until he cheated on me with Jay. Ugh!

I looked through some of the emails and texts. Slut, bitch, whore and much more. I looked up to Jay who was laughing at me and texting on her phone. I was about to punch her but i remembered that i would get in trouble by Zayn so I cried. I cant even handle much more of this hatred im getting everyday.

Then I just ran up my room and locked it because i was home alone with Jay so i knew that she was going to do something bad to me so i just went up to my room. I just listened to my songs to calm me down and by pass time until the lads are home and i can get company from Niall. I listened to my songs until I heard Rock Me by them. When i Heard Louis's solo, i cried. I really miss him comforting me, being there for me and everything. 

2 hours in my room, i was starving but i decide to starve to death. I cant take this anymore until Niall came into my room with two bag of Nando's. "Jordan, i thought you were hungry so i bought you some food from Nando's" He said with a wide smile on his face. He looked adorable so i walked to him and gave him a bear hug. "Thank you Niall. Your the best" i whispered through his ear.

Niall's POV

"Thank you Niall. Your the best" i heard Jordan whispered in my ear. Those words send chills into my spines. I wish I could hole her forever but it ended when i heard her stomach growling. She giggled and i handed her the bag food and we both ate. We got to know each other more better. I just found out that she tried committing suicide like 3 times. I feel real bad then we talked about her problems and why would Louis all of a sudden act like this to Jordan.

Louis's POV


I went back out with Eleanor so that i could get Jordan back for playing me. I cant believe she did that to me. I was pretty close to making her mine until i found out that she played me. When I went upstairs to use the washroom, i passed Jordan's room. I heard Niall's voice but i ignored it until i heard my name. Why would they be talking about me?

"What should i do? Louis went back out with Eleanor and he hates me" I heard Jordan sniffling. "Its okay love, things will get better." I heard Niall tell Jordan. "But what if its not? I really like him but i dont think he feels the same since he has Eleanor." Jordan whispered to Niall. Wait, She likes me? Then why did she slept with Niall? Wait, Thats when i told him about whats happening to Jordan..... Was he just comforting her on whats happening like i did to her before? 

Oh no, I broke her heart..... She likes me a lot and I broke her heart. What did I do? She didnt deserve this, she was already in pain from Jay and I made it worse. I walked to the washroom and think. Will she forgive me? Will she like Niall better than me? I should make things right with Jordan but my thoughts were interrupted by Eleanor. 

"Babe, you okay in there? You've been in there for 30 minutes" I heard Eleanor from the other side of the door. "Yeah im fine. I was just about done" I said while opening the door. Should I break up with Eleanor again just to get Jordan's Forgiveness?


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