1. The beginning.

I've been in a dark place lately. I blame technology, everything on TV or the internet tells me i dont look the way I should. My hips are to flat, my legs don't have the right sized gap between them, my belly wiggles like a tiny bowl of jelly, my hair always has strands sticking up, refusing to stay where i put them, my fashion sense is terrible, i just feel crap. Except when I'm with him


I met Ben online. yeah, i know, stranger danger and all that, but he wasn't exactly a stranger per say. A lot of people at school know him and he's got a pretty good reputation. Ben's perfect, brown hair, blue eyes, plays american football.. a stereotype i know.


I'm going to his tonight, its our 1 month anniversary and he claims he wants to 'make it special'. Frankly i think he means a few bottles of coke, ordering in a pizza and watching a film, but still I put my best dress on. Slipping on my black satin heels I hear the bell ring, and run (as much as you can in heels) to answer it. There he is, ready to whisk me of on a night i will never forget. 

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