Holding on to what I have

Layla looks like any other teenage girl, she's pretty with long brown hair and green eyes. She's smart and has plenty of friends. But that's just the outside, on the inside she's breaking. Her parents just got a divorce and she lives with her dad who abuses her. Her mom just moved to London, Layla has had enough and she runs away and goes to her mother's house. While she's there she runs into the one and only Zayn Malik. She becomes friends with hum, but it seems like there is a romance brewing between him and her. Will she be too scared to let him into her life? Or will she finally open up to someone and let them in, let them help her with everything that has happened.


21. The Past wasn't as Good as The Present

I pull out my phone and text Jordan,

Hey! Thx for coming over. I didn't no tht they would be coming. Srry if they scared u

Oh, it's no problem. Harry gave me his number after we left.

Ugh, I need to keep an eye on him.

Don't worry Lay, I can handle it :)

Ok! I'll tlk 2 u 2mrw! Come over at like 12?


I put my phone away and walked out to the kitchen. My mum was making dinner. "Mum, I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about this. I thought that I could just tell you that I like being with you better than dad and live with you. I didn't want anyone to find out."

She turns and look sat me, "Lay, you know you can tell me anything. No matter what it is, I'm glad you got away from him. But you should have told me sooner, or someone else. You don't have to worry about your father anymore. I called the police department and he was already picked up for drunk driving. He was screaming about his daughter running away form him because he hurt her." 

Great, now I probably had to testify or something. "So, he's in jail?" 

"Yes, he will probably get a few years for the drunk driving, since he had quite the collection of beer bottles in his car. He also had some drugs. And he admitted to abusing you, don't worry Lay, you won't have to go to court of anything."

"Good, I don't want to. I've had enough of him and I don't want to see him ever again."

"Zayn made it pretty clear that he won't be letting him anywhere near you." She says with a laugh.

"I feel bad that he hit him, I didn't do anything to stop him."

"You couldn't have, why don't you eat dinner and go to bed early? I think that will help."


She finishes what she's making and hands me a plate. She made Pasta and Rice. After I finish my dinner I go to the bathroom to take a shower. I look in the mirror and all see the bruises on my face and a few on my arm. They hurt but not as bad as some I've had before. After I get out of the shower I text Zayn,

Thx for wht u did. I'm gonna go to sleep now. GNite.

It's no problem, I would do it again if I had to. Anything to keep you from getting hurt. Good night beautiful :)

I smile at his text, he really does care about me. I fall asleep smile, dreaming about all the good times, trying to erase all the bad ones.


**A/N** Thx sooo much to everyone who's been commenting!! It means so much to me!! You have no idea! I really hope you guys like it so far!! I need a nickname for you guys... hmmm.. OHH!!! my Little Bunnies!! LOL! I'm a bunny I'm a fluffy bunny, I'm a bunny watch me hop. MEOW!! LOL me and my friend made that up... WE CRAZY!! <3 <3 <3 Well I ope to update soon my Little Bunnies!

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