Holding on to what I have

Layla looks like any other teenage girl, she's pretty with long brown hair and green eyes. She's smart and has plenty of friends. But that's just the outside, on the inside she's breaking. Her parents just got a divorce and she lives with her dad who abuses her. Her mom just moved to London, Layla has had enough and she runs away and goes to her mother's house. While she's there she runs into the one and only Zayn Malik. She becomes friends with hum, but it seems like there is a romance brewing between him and her. Will she be too scared to let him into her life? Or will she finally open up to someone and let them in, let them help her with everything that has happened.


16. She's Gone

The next morning:

I wake up to my phone ringing, I look at the number and don't recognize it.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Hi, is this Layla?' I hear a little boy ask.

"Yeah who is this?"

"Um, this is Brad. Kelli brother. Do you know where Kelli went?"

"No, why?"

"Well I went in her room this morning and all of her clothes and money were gone." I sit up straight in my bed. I feel tears come to my eyes.

"What?" I ask.

"She, she ran away didn't she." Brad asks.

"I think so. I'm sorry but I have to go." I say. I hang up and throw my phone across the room. I get up and go see if my mum is still here. I look at the time, it's 10:24 so she already left. I hurry up and pick my phone up from where I threw it and call Liam.

"Hello?" I hear him ask.

"She's gone." I say, the tears spilling over.

"Who?" He asks.

"Kelli, she ran away." I stuttered.

"What?" He yells.

"She's gone!" I cry even louder.

"I'm coming over, don't do anything." He says. 

He hangs up and I sit on my bed and stare at the wall. I remember when I met her, WAIT! Why was she there at the bus station? She didn't get on a bus, she just walked over there and sat down. I remember she had a bag with her. No way. She was going to run away then! What stopped her? Why would she run away now? Leaving everyone behind that loved her. All of this is going through my head and I hear the door bell ring. 

I jump up and run to the door, I fling it open and fall into Liam's arms and hug him. "It's alright." He says as he runs his hand through my hair. I cry into his shoulder, "We will figure this out." He says.

"She was going to run away then, I know she was." I tell Liam when we are sitting on the couch half an hour later. "I don't know why she didn't then." 

"Probably because she finally found a friend." He says.

"Then why would she leave now?" I ask. His expression is sad.

"I don't know." He says. I look at him.

"Did she break your heart?" I ask.


"You liked her, I know that."

"No Layla, I didn't like her." He says, I start to protest when he cuts me off, "I loved her. I knew it sounds stupid, but when I saw her. I just knew that she was perfect for me. But she didn't want to be with me, and she ran away from me, from you. From everyone that cares about her." 

I finally stop crying. "Do you still love her?" I ask.

"I don't know." He says. I hear a knock at the door, "Who could that be?" I ask.

 "I told Zayn what happened. He might have come over." Liam says, great I had to face Zayn now.

I open the door and sure enough Zayn was standing there. He hugged me and I hugged him back. "Are you okay?' He asks looking at me.

"Yeah, I just can't believe she would go and not tell me anything or give me an explanation." I say. I feel tears in my eyes. I probably looked so gross and ugly right now. 

Zayn strokes my hair, "It's not your fault. You know that right?" He asks.

"I guess." I say. I hear my phone ring from inside me room. I walk over and get it, my heart stops. "Guys!" I yell. they run over. 

"She texted??!?" Liam says. I open it,

Layla, I am sure by now you know that I ran away. I am so sorry but I had to. You night not have realized but the night I meet you I was going to run away. I didn't because of you, you made me realize that I couldn't run away from my problems. But this time i wasn't running from my problems, the only reason I said no to Liam was because I already have a boyfriend. I know I never told you and I'm sorry. I do care about Liam and I want you to tell him that, but I really care about this guy as well. I might as well tell you that I am not planning oncoming back, ever. I am so sorry. Please don't try to find me, I am safe and happy here. I am also very sad to tell you that I don't want you to contact me either. I am starting a completely new life. I love you ~Kelli

She also sent a picture of her and a guy, I guessing who is her boyfriend, smiling. She looks so happy. I look up at Liam and see he has tears in his eyes, "Liam, I am so sorry." I say. 

He just looks at me and doesn't say anything. He get's up from his spot on my bed and walks out the door and I hear the front door slam. I turn to Zayn and fall into his arms. "It's alright, we know she happy and safe. That's what counts." He say as he rubs my back. I felt like a little girl, I was curled up in Zayn's lap.

"But I want her safe and happy here, with us." I manage to say between sobs.

"I know." Is all he says. He continues to say soothing things to me and rubs my back and wipes away my tears. 

When Zayn left an hour later I just sit on my bed. Nothing is cheering me up. Finally I get my phone and call someone who always cheers me up. I press their name and hit call. The phone rings and rings. I hadn't talked to this person in a while and I don't know if they can forgive me for what I did. Finally I hear the line pick up,

"Hello?" The sweet voice says.


**A/N** Hope you guys like it!!! Sorry if you liked Kelli, but she's gone ;)


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