Holding on to what I have

Layla looks like any other teenage girl, she's pretty with long brown hair and green eyes. She's smart and has plenty of friends. But that's just the outside, on the inside she's breaking. Her parents just got a divorce and she lives with her dad who abuses her. Her mom just moved to London, Layla has had enough and she runs away and goes to her mother's house. While she's there she runs into the one and only Zayn Malik. She becomes friends with hum, but it seems like there is a romance brewing between him and her. Will she be too scared to let him into her life? Or will she finally open up to someone and let them in, let them help her with everything that has happened.


32. School

I wake up the next morning and realized it was Monday. My mum and I agreed that I could use online school. I walked over to my mum's computer and turned it on. I went on this web site she showed me last night and typed in my account stuff that I created yesterday.  I first clicked on the Math section because I loved Math, it always came easy to me. the first question,

0.75x=3.75 find the value of x 

Easy enough. After I finished my Math I worked on my Geography, which I don't like. After 2 hour I finished my Science and Language. Which is all I was required to do, three days a week. I always had straight A's, most of the time school came easy to me. If it didn't, I would always find some extra credit that would help my grade.

I pulled out my phone and saw that it was already 12 and I had a text from Zayn,

Hey, how are u?

Good, just finished school. This stuff online seems easier than real school, don't tell my mum I said that!

Haha, I won't. What tine did you start?

Like 9:30

Wow, that was fast, but of course you didn't have to listen to teachers talk and talk. And have passing time.

Yeah, I don't think I will miss the teachers and all the students and their drama!

Haha, what are you telling me you never started any drama at ur school?

I may have ;) HA! I actually started a lot, but most of it wasn't entirely  my fault!

Sure it wasn't ! :0

Shut up! :)

Haha, I can't shut p when I'm not talking, I'm texting! 

U know what I mean!

:) Yes, yes I do.

Ur so weird

Ur the one dating a weird person! So you must be weird too!


Wanna come over? Jordan came over earlier today.

Yeah sure, be there in half an hour!

K! :)

Haha bye!


I go over to my bathroom and take a quick shower. I put on a black skirt and and pink t-shirt, pull my hair back into a messy bun and grab my phone and walk out the door.


"Hey!" Niall say's as he opens the door.

"Hey!" I walk inside and see Zayn walk out of his room.

"Hey babe!" He says as he walks over to me and hugs me. "I missed you." I smile and pull back.

"I missed you too."

"Not as much as I missed you." He says with a grin.

"Are we really going to do this?" I ask with serious face.

"No, I think Niall's had enough of the romantic stuff this morning from Jordan and Harry."

"Yeah, why is Harry here?" I ask.

"Because Louis wanted to be alone with Abi. But he left with Jordan a few minutes ago to eat." Zayn says with a cheeky grin.

I laugh and walk over to the kitchen, I open the fridge and grab a bottle of water. Zayn puts his arms around my waist and kisses my cheek.

"That tickles!" I cry.

He laughs into my neck and kisses my neck.

"Zayn, I'm trying to drink!"

"Fine." He let's go of me and laughs. I just roll my eyes at him. We walk over to the couch and he sit's down. I go to sit next to him but he pulls me into his lap. I lean my head on his shoulder and close my eyes. 

He kisses my neck again and I smile. "Zayn," I say. He looks up at me.

"What?" He asks. 

I smile and shake my head, "Nothing." I lean in and kiss him. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me. He was perfect, I don't know why he would be with someone like me. Zayn puts one arm around my waist and the other on the back of my head. I pull back and look at him, his beautiful eyes stare into mine. I knew that I would be with him for a long time. I turned around and put my head back on his shoulder, and watched the telly.

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