Holding on to what I have

Layla looks like any other teenage girl, she's pretty with long brown hair and green eyes. She's smart and has plenty of friends. But that's just the outside, on the inside she's breaking. Her parents just got a divorce and she lives with her dad who abuses her. Her mom just moved to London, Layla has had enough and she runs away and goes to her mother's house. While she's there she runs into the one and only Zayn Malik. She becomes friends with hum, but it seems like there is a romance brewing between him and her. Will she be too scared to let him into her life? Or will she finally open up to someone and let them in, let them help her with everything that has happened.


8. Scared

I was curling my hair when I looked over at Kelli. I had only meet her yesterday and we were already really goof friends. "So, has Liam asked you out yet?" I asked. "No, why would he?" Kelli asks from her spot on my bed. 

"Because he likes you!" I say.

"Oh." Kelli says. It sounded like she was sad about it. That was a little odd. She was just so excited that she meet One Direction, maybe she didn't like Liam like that. 

I finished curling my hair and looked at the clock. 5:50. I knew my mum would be home in ten minutes. I got my phone out and texted her,

Hey mum, my friend Kelli came over. Is that alright?

Hopefully she wouldn't mind, I just don't know how I was going to tell her that I won't be able to stay home with her tonight.

Yeah sure sweetie! I have some bad news tho, I have to work late so I won't be home until 9. I'm srry.

Wow, problem solved.

That's fine. I think I will go out with my friends i guess.

I put my phone on its charger and I pull out my make-up. "Hey Kelli, do you really think that Zayn and I could, you know be together?" I ask looking at her in my mirror. I applied some mascara and was now putting on some eye shadow.

"You mean like a couple? Yeah, you guys would be really cute together and I think he really likes you. He was by your side all day." Kelli says with a giggle.

"Do you like Liam?" I ask her.

"As a friend, yeah." She looks at her phone and starts texting someone.

"No, I mean like would you want to date him?" I laugh, maybe she really didn't like him.

"I don't know. I mean, I just moved here." She said.

I laughed inside my mind, i just got here last night and I was already going on a date with a famous person. I just don't know if  could open up and let someone into my life right now. Maybe Zayn would just have to stay a friend. The smile on my face falls as I look at my outfit and see all the bruises. No matter how happy I am I could look at those and they would always bring me down. They would remind me that my life isn't perfect and that I let this happen to me. 


Kelli went home at 6:30 and I was sitting on my couch when my phone rang. I looked at it and say Zayn's name. 

"Hello." I say as I answer it.

"I'm here!" He declares.

I start laughing again. Wow this guy was really weird! "Okay I will be down soon!" I say

"Okay, bye!" He says happily.

"Bye." I hang up and grab my purse and put my phone in. I take my keys that are sitting on the table by the door and head out into the hallway. I look the door and skip to the elevator. 

I walk out side and see Zayn standing there, looking amazing. He smile when he sees me. 

"Hey!" I say as I walk up to him.

"Hey." He looks at me and we start walking down the street.

"So are you going to tell me where we are going?" I ask.

"Nope. You're just going to have to wait." He says.

"Aww! That's not fair!" I pout.

"Oh, but it is." He says as he turns to face me.

"No it's not." I whisper. 

He laughs and takes my hand. My face freeze's. Did I really want to be with him? Did he want to be with me? What if he brakes my heart? All these things are running through my head.

Oh my gosh! I scream to myself, all he did was hold my hand. It probably doesn't even mean anything to him! I smile at him as we walk down the street under all the beautiful lights.

"So, how have you been since I last saw you?" He asks. 

"Well, considering that you only saw me like 6 hours ago, I pretty good." I say with another smile.

"That'a nice." He says. I look over and see a bunch of people with cameras looking at us and taking pictures. I got really uncomfortable. I let go of his hand and put my arms by my side. A few of the people rush up to us and start asking a million questions at once.

"Zayn, is this your new girlfriend?", "How long have you been together?", "Can we get a kiss for the camera?" My face turns red and I walk closer to Zayn, these people are really scarring me.

"We are just friends." Zayn says. But the people still get closer and closer. They start asking more questions, mostly about me and who is was. "Can you guys just go away?" He asks. One guy goes right in front of us and starts asking me questions about how Zayn is and if I care that he has never had a good relationship with a girl. I grab Zayn's arm and hold him close.

"Get away from us." Zayn say loudly with a lot of anger in his voice. He puts his arm around me and starts to walk faster But the people keep up. Asking more and more questions, taking pictures. I look at the ground and hold Zayn tighter. 

"Seriously go away!" Zayn yells. He stops and looks at me. I won't look up I just keep staring at the ground and holding his arm. 

"Come on one kiss for the camera!" The guy says again. Zayn gets really mad. I see his hand make a fist and his knuckles turn white. "Just back away." Zayn tells the guy. The guy gets a little scared an takes a step back.  Everyone else seeing that Zayn is getting really mad starts to back away. 

We start walking again and Zayn takes me around the corner and down an alley. "Are you okay?" He asks looking at me and I look up at him. He looks so sad, his hand reaches up and brushes a piece of my hair behind my ear. I feel a tear escape and it rolls down my check. 

Great, now my make-up will be a mess. I left go of his arm and wipe away the tear, "How do you deal with that? Those people and all those lights." I ask as I look down at the ground.

"To be honest I never get used to it." He says with a short laugh. "Are you sure your okay?" He asks.

I finally look back up, "Yeah, I- I don't know if I can handle that again." I say. He rubs my back with his hand.

"I won't let that happen again." He says. I smile a little.

"Okay." I say. we start walking down the street again, but I still don't take his hand when it brushes against mine. I don't think I can let someone into my life, especially some one famous. That has paparazzi following them all the time. When we were out earlier today only a few people asked for autographs.

Zayn looks a little sad that I won't hold his hand. But its for the best. I would only make his life complicated.

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