Holding on to what I have

Layla looks like any other teenage girl, she's pretty with long brown hair and green eyes. She's smart and has plenty of friends. But that's just the outside, on the inside she's breaking. Her parents just got a divorce and she lives with her dad who abuses her. Her mom just moved to London, Layla has had enough and she runs away and goes to her mother's house. While she's there she runs into the one and only Zayn Malik. She becomes friends with hum, but it seems like there is a romance brewing between him and her. Will she be too scared to let him into her life? Or will she finally open up to someone and let them in, let them help her with everything that has happened.


26. Paparazzi and Sneaking In

After they recorded a few more songs they all came out of the booth and grab all their things and headed for the door. Zayn put his arm around my waist and lead me out of the building. When we stepped outside there was paparazzi everywhere. First they were just taking picture of the guys, until they saw me and Zayn. They went crazy taking pictures. I tried to hide behind Zayn but the people just circled around us.

"So this is your new girlfriend?" One guy asked. I hold onto Zayn and hide my face in his shirt. He put his hand on the back of my head and smoothed out my hair. He tried to walk forward but the people wouldn't let him move.

"Go away!" Zayn yelled at them. He held me closer to him and tried to walk again, but they wouldn't move.

"Leave us alone!" He said to one guy that get really close and took a picture blinding me. 

"Hey! Leave them alone!" I heard Liam yell. 

I felt someone grab me and they lead me away from the people. I would have been really scared that someone grabbed me, but Zayn still had his arms around me. I opened my eyes and saw that the guys were walking around us, almost like a barrier so the people couldn't get anymore pictures of us.

We got to Zayn's car and I got in, Zayn got in the drivers side and leaned  over to me.

"I'm so sorry Layla." He says and hugs me.

"It's not your fault. You didn't know they'd be there."

"No, but we should have gone out the back door. There wouldn't have been so many people."

"Zayn, it's okay. I didn't get hurt or anything."

"I'm glad you didn't." He says. He kisses me on the cheek and starts the car. He starts driving but is stopped when the paparazzi crowd around the car. He honks the horn, scaring a few people but they still didn't move. 

"God! These people never quit!" He yells.

I shrink lower in my seat, and could feel tears in my eyes. These people really scared me, what if they wouldn't leave and we were stuck her for hours? How many pictures were they taking? Now body really knew who I was, they knew I was Zayn's girlfriend but they didn't know my name. 

I feel Zayn's arm wrap around me and he rubbed my back, "It's okay babe. They will leave soon. Don't worry."

I pick my head up a little and he sees that I'm crying. "Layla, please. It's alright!" He pulls me into a hug. I feel like a little kid, scared of something stupid.

"I'm fine." I saw wiping away my tears. I see another car on the other side, and they honk at the paparazzi. I see that the driver is Liam.

They slowly move away, and after a few more minutes Zayn can actually drive down the street. But they still take pictures of us as we slowly start to move. 

When we are finally away from them I relax a little, "Are you okay" He asks me.

"Yeah, fine."

"Do you want me to drop you off at your place or do you want to come over to mine and Niall's place with the guys?" 

"I guess I could hang out with you guys for a while. But, will there be paparazzi?"

"I don't know, let me call Liam, he's probably already there."

He pulls out his phone and calls him.

"Hey, are you there yet?"

"Okay, is there a lot of papz?"

"Great, we will go through the back door.''

"Don't answer any of their questions." Then he hung up. I look at him.

"There are a lot, all wanting to know who Zayn Malik's new girlfriend is. We can go through the back, nobody knows where that is."

"Okay." I say. we sit there for a few minutes in silence. "How long do you think it will be until they learn my name?" I ask Zayn.

"Well,depending on how much pictures they got of us earlier, probably soon. If someone who knows you sees a picture of us they will most likely comment about it and say your name."

"Great, everyone will know my name." I say sarcastically.

"Don't worry. No one will hurt you, the paparazzi can get a little rough. I mean you saw who they were. But no one will ever hurt you again, I will make sure of that." I smile. 

Zayn pulls into a back alley and parks the car. We get out and go over to the fire escape ladder. He pulls down one section and it hits the floor, "C'mon." He says taking my hand.

"Wow, do you guys have to do this a lot?" I ask him.

"Not really. we usually don't care about the papz." He replies.

I climb up and finally get to the level of Zayn and Niall's flat. When Zayn gets up there he picks up a key in a flower pot and unlocks a window. He pushes it open and climbs in, once he's inside he reaches put his arms and pulls me inside.

He closes the window and I see that we are in Zayn's room. I look around, its really messy. Clothes everywhere and I see a pizza box in the corner of the room.

"Wow!" I laugh.

"Yeah, I'm not the cleanest person in the world." He says rubbing the back of his neck.

I start to walk but step on something I move my foot back and step on something else.

"Where am I supposed to walk?" I ask. He laughs and picks me up bridal style and walks across the room. I wrap my arms around his neck so I don't fall. I laugh as he walks through the open door and into the den. I see Harry, Louis, and Liam on the couch. I guess Niall is in the kitchen.

Harry see us and starts laughing. Zayn just stand there in front of the guys, "You can put me down now." I tell him.

"I don't want to." He says with a cheeky smile. He leans down and kisses me on the lips.

Harry whistles at us and I pull away, "I'm gonna get you Styles!" I say.

"How? You're all wrapped up around Zayn!" He says.

"I will straighten your curls in your sleep!"

He clutches his heart and falls the the floor, "No! Anything but that! Please don't hurt my beautiful curls! They never did anything to you." 

I laugh so hard at him. Zayn walks over to the other couch and sit down, I'm still in his lap. He wraps his arms around my waist and rests his head in my neck. I feel so comfortable here, I want so badly to freeze this moment and live in it forever.

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