Children of the 90s


1. Children of the 90s

Today, as I was cleaning out my closet,
I found something.
Something that I hadn't seen in a long long time.
Something that I don't think anybody had seen in a long long time.
It was something special.
And finding this thing;
This worthless old tin box,
Made me happy, you see.
Because today,
Hidden in the pocket of my old striped purse,
I found a box of Ouch! Bubble gum.

It had been one of the highlights of my childhood.
Opening the box,
Being exposed to the sour air.
The scent carried on to my nose,
Stinging it with it's fruity delight.
Quickly, I opened a piece,
Unwrapping it delicately,
As though it really were a bandage,
And I was trying to cover up a wound.

Looking back on this made me think.
It made me think a lot.
What ever happened to that robot dog that would carry a bone in its mouth,
And bark on command?
The one that I,
As well as every other kid I knew,
Begged our parents for.

What ever happened to the endless pile of Care Bears and My Little Ponies,
Every little girl had in their possession,
Pulling them all out and sorting them by color,
Or perhaps by power, or name.

Where are they now?

The wonder balls, coated in a chocolate so delicious that you would nibble a small hole,
Take the sticker and surprise candy out,
And then finish off the brown shell which made you so happy.

The stack of Goosebumps books,
Sitting on the floor next to your bed,
Which you would read every night until you were too scared to sleep,
But bragged about how far you were in the series the next day.

The Gak;
Oh, the Gak!
How fun we found it to stretch out,
Throw at each other,
Or toss on the floor and pretend it really WAS,

And I have another question.

I do.
And so do the thousands,
The MILLIONS of other kids,
That make up the last generation of those who will grow up, knowing what it's like to have a VCR, not a Blue-Ray player.
Knowing what it's like to have a Game Boy, and not an iPod, or a Nintendo 3DS.
Knowing what it's like to listen to music on a portable CD player.

For these,
These are the kids,
That were not all that exposed to reality.
These are the ones who can make their own dreams,
Who will determine their own future.
Who can be anything they want to be.
Because they know they can.
Because they know;
They will.

These are the children of the 90s.
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