Lost In Translation

I wrote this whilst in Rome earlier this year its basically about the differences in language and culture in various parts of the world and how I percieve it.


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To be lost in translation

Like a desert which hasn't claimed sand's possession

Attempting to magnify the faintest communication

Millions of forms fighting to air their voices

On countless foreign shores

It may last eternally

Or just for a quick moment

It should be embraced

As the experience should not be discounted

Finding yourself waking up to a time that isn't yours

And questioning the differences of another's land and beliefs

Whilst examining all in comparison to your own

However a period of thought notices what can not change

We can't claim the night, sun or skies

Role reversal may tomorrow leave you in favour

But for now you adapt to a new atmosphere

Enamoured in the thought of not being alone in circumstance

What occurs here won't be forgotten

Only smiled upon knowing the beauty of this new land

You basked in whilst transiting back to what is yours


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