Where am I going?

I dont know how the story ends, neither do i know where i am.
all i know is that somewhere, at a certain time, the story began. and so here i am.
but when did the story start? when i fell in love for the first time? when i was born? when my parents got married, or when they were born? when my grandparents were married? when the world was created? who knows.
I am Chelsea Woods, and this is a part of my story that i want you to know.


6. Chapter 6, my heart to fix.

dear diary, its tough being with Brian. He says he loves me, and i love him, but its tough. theres nothing wrong with us as a couple, but i just hate that all these girls keep mailing him. his manager wants him to meet up with "Some of the pretty ones" Excuse me?!


walking down the corridor after giving Mat some soup, i decided to pop into Brians room. I never knocked, so i didnt this time. i never thought i should, he was my boyfriend.
"I'm busy! For goodness sakes, dont you people ever knock?!" Brian shouted at the door. at me. i didnt think. i was just about to say that it was just me, when i heard her.
Who's that, Brian? Tell them to go away, i want you all to myself" She giggled.  Stupidly, i walked in. Brian had his top off. the girl was beautiful; tall tan and blonde. she had her hand on Brians chest. I gasped, and ran out as fast as i could, tears streaming down my face. 


dear diary, how could he do this to me? He hasn't even called. he didnt run after me. he should have ran after me, asking for my forgiveness, or giving me an explanation. I thought it was love. my. life. is. over.

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