Where am I going?

I dont know how the story ends, neither do i know where i am.
all i know is that somewhere, at a certain time, the story began. and so here i am.
but when did the story start? when i fell in love for the first time? when i was born? when my parents got married, or when they were born? when my grandparents were married? when the world was created? who knows.
I am Chelsea Woods, and this is a part of my story that i want you to know.


5. Chapter 5, I'm loving life.

Dear Diary, life isn't too complicated. its exciting, being with Brian. I look at things the way he looks at things. 12 days till the christmas break begins, and i'm going to be touring with the summer set, which means being with brian!!! And on a lower note, being with mat... 



"Hey Brian." i hugged him, breathing in his cologne, feeling slightly lightheaded... The Summer set was becoming more popular. Brian was becoming more popular. He was getting fanmail, and all of it from girls. I was starting to get the odd hate mail for being with him. His 5th gig was tonight, in an hour. "You excited?"

"Yeah, i guess. i cant not be excited. thanks so much for coming tonight, lovely."
"I'm sure it will be great. i cant wait to hear your new songs!" he chuckled quietly "What?"
"Oh, nothing i-"
"Brian Dales, you are wanted in the back room in 5 minutes"
"Oh well. By the way, are there any songs about me?"
"You'll see. i need to go now, my lovely."
"See you at the after party?"
"I'll be the one driving you there, so of course i will"


He sang 3 songs about me. it was was awesome. I'm going out with him, yep, that babe on the stage is singing songs for me.


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