Where am I going?

I dont know how the story ends, neither do i know where i am.
all i know is that somewhere, at a certain time, the story began. and so here i am.
but when did the story start? when i fell in love for the first time? when i was born? when my parents got married, or when they were born? when my grandparents were married? when the world was created? who knows.
I am Chelsea Woods, and this is a part of my story that i want you to know.


4. Chapter 4, do i want more?

Dear Diary, its a week and a half till christmas. i'm in love. i have a date to go to the christmas dance with. Brian loves me too. My dreams of being in a band are miles away. Brian has started out in a band with Mat and a few of their other mates, its called the summer set. Brian sings and writes the songs. He says that he's working on a few that are extra special.

I tried to sing along to one of Brians songs, but missed about a million words and mixed the rhythm up
"Girl, you are impossible"
"I love you" We kissed. i love kissing Brian. i love Brian. I love being with him... he is amazing. he is a dream come true.

"I have something to show you."
"uhuh. its not the most, but i think you will like it."
(( http://grooveshark.com/s/She+s+Got+The+Rhythm/4aqhqy?src=5 ))

He picked up his guitar and sang the most amazing song i have ever heard in my life.
"That. was for... me?"
"Yep" I couldn't wipe the grin off my face. we laughed together and (of course) kissed.

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