Where am I going?

I dont know how the story ends, neither do i know where i am.
all i know is that somewhere, at a certain time, the story began. and so here i am.
but when did the story start? when i fell in love for the first time? when i was born? when my parents got married, or when they were born? when my grandparents were married? when the world was created? who knows.
I am Chelsea Woods, and this is a part of my story that i want you to know.


2. Chapter 2, who are you?

Dear diary, 

today i met the very handsome Brian Dales... so hot, so hot.  I was at All Time Low's gig with Mat , my brother


"Hey, my man! Hows it goin'?" Mat said as we approached the smoking hot dude.
"God mate, ATL totally killed it, right?! who's your beautiful date? Man, if you can hook up with girls like that I'm gonna have to take some lessons!"
"Huh? I never brought a date, man. You think I'd be going round with anyone 'beautiful'?" I coughed loudly, but Mat didnt notice...
"So who is this lovely lady thats with you? Your sister?" Brian said sarcastically. Mat laughed loudly
"Oh right. This is just Chels... She-"
"Hi. I am not 'just' anything." I said giving Mat the evil eyes "And my name is not Chels, I'm Chelsea, you moron" I added.
"Haha. I'm Brian, by  the way. so Kelsey-"
"Nice to meet you Brian. I'm Chelsea." Mat turned away, and bro'd up with another one of 'his men'


Dear Diary,

he. must. be. a. GOD!!!

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