Where am I going?

I dont know how the story ends, neither do i know where i am.
all i know is that somewhere, at a certain time, the story began. and so here i am.
but when did the story start? when i fell in love for the first time? when i was born? when my parents got married, or when they were born? when my grandparents were married? when the world was created? who knows.
I am Chelsea Woods, and this is a part of my story that i want you to know.


1. Chapter 1? I'm not so sure...

Dear Diary,

just before i write more and you start reading, i need you to know this. i am not complicated, but i like looking at things in a complicated way. i am an open book, but i look at the world like its the hardest maze in the world... I use my complicated eyes to write songs, and poems. This is the first chapter in this story. but its not the first chapter in my story.

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