Summer Love

Hi im Kayla Bails. My life sucks my dad abuses me and whenever i say i want to be come a singer he goes "oh no u suck at that" i mean what kind of dad is that. then in the middle of the night i do something unexpected...


2. time to go

okay my plan is to in the middle of the night at 12:00 pm first i will turn off the alarm. Then i will get my bags. Then i will put my pillows under the blankets to make me look like i'm still there. Next i close the door. so when i open the widow the draft won't float down to my dads room. Then i go out of my room (closing the door behind me) and stealing $10,000 from my dad that he stole. Then i left out the window. And ran to the nearest hotel. which was 2 miles away. 




When i got there i got a room. It was only about $200 a night. lucky for me my mom had a friend there so i got a discount. i only had to pay $50 and i was only staying one night. So at 5:30 in the morning i got up so i could catch the flight before my dad woke up and hurt me. so when i woke up i called a cab to the airport.

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