Summer Love

Hi im Kayla Bails. My life sucks my dad abuses me and whenever i say i want to be come a singer he goes "oh no u suck at that" i mean what kind of dad is that. then in the middle of the night i do something unexpected...


4. It continues

I started running faster I felt a hard slam as i a hit the ground. My dad picked me up and dragged me to the car. Once in the car my dad yelled "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING BITCH" I sarted to cry. "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM U LITTLE SLUT" I felt a hard slap across the face. He started to drive he took out a bottle of beer. When we got home he sat on the couch and flipped through the channels. I could see my reflection in the t.v because I was standing behind the couch I had long brown messed up hair down to my waist I had naturally pink lips. Bright blue eyes. I thought I was ugly. So did my dad "GET TO YOUR FUCKING ROOM" my dad said sternly
I walked up to my room I wanted to change so I took off my shirt then my bra and that's when my dad walked in I screamed and covered up my chest. He was drunk. "Oh!" He said he locked the door

And walked over...
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