A Summer Romance

A girl name Emily is a model and runs into someone while walking down the street. Does she talk to that person, or ignores them! Was it meant to be? Does Fate really exist.{One Direction Fan Fic}


13. Waking up in the hospital

Do you remember us, A girl with brown  hair said.

no, I never saw you a day in my life, I say

Then the doctor walks in, and says "Emily, do you remember anybody in this room"

"no, Im sorry but where is my mom", I say

" Im sorry sweetie but she died in a car accident while coming here", The doctor says while taking the boy with curly hair outside that ive never seen before.

Harry P.O.V

you need to take her somewhere to help her regain her memory,Doctor said.

ok,when can she leave, I said

well, we did the checks and we don't think she will regain her memory so you can leave in a few minutes,Doctor.

Emily P.O.V

While the boy with curly hair was talking to my doctor I was talking to the girl name Eleanor.

how did I end up here

you passed out while at a shoot, the doctor said it was because you were overwhelmed.

oh, so how do I know you?

Im a model, and your friends with my boyfriend and his bandmates me and you are bestfriends.

oh, do I know a girl named Samantha?

yes you do shes also your bestfriend and is also a model.

Then the doctor came in and said I was free to go and I drove home with Eleanor.



Do you thinl she should regain her memory or forget


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