A Summer Romance

A girl name Emily is a model and runs into someone while walking down the street. Does she talk to that person, or ignores them! Was it meant to be? Does Fate really exist.{One Direction Fan Fic}


15. Louis and Eleanor house

Emily' P.O.V
Hey do you remember me , Louis said talking extra slow.
Ofcourse I do louboo, I said.
Yes,he screamed then started dancing
LoL, I said.
So you remember him, but not me, Harry said.
Harry why are you always starting a fight with her, Eleanor said.
Yea why are you,Zayn said.
Because its uhm like you wont,understand,Harry said
One minute I like Harry then the next I hate why won't he ask ask me on a date, snap out of it Emily you don't like harry ( I said thinking in my head).
What did she just say, Niall said
What are you talking about, I said
You said that you like Harry, Eleanor said.
Uh no I didn't, I said.
You said your thought out loud, Liam said.
I just ran to the bathroom, because I was to embarrassed, I can't like Harry I have to focus on my career.
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