A Summer Romance

A girl name Emily is a model and runs into someone while walking down the street. Does she talk to that person, or ignores them! Was it meant to be? Does Fate really exist.{One Direction Fan Fic}


8. Its my Fault?

Do you remember when  I said i was going to America for a photoshoot. Well, it wasn't just a photoshoot like I though it was I had 17 interviews, 5 radio interviews, 20 photoshoot, and 14 appearances. So things have been really hectic for me Ive only had a few hours of sleep a day.

~Month Later~ Im finally arriving back home and no one that so Its going to be a surprise, I hope they havent forgotten about me. I didnt have enough time to contact them, Im on my way to their flat. BOOYYSSS IM HOME, I screamed. Madison is that you,Liam said. Oh sorry boys forgot I died my hair to a strawberry blonde, but of course who else would it be, I said. It took you a month to do one photoshoot, Harry said with a bit of attitude. No, they added 17 interviews, 5 radio interviews, and 20 photoshoots. I didnt even have enough time to go to sleep, I said. Well someone have been busy, they better not have forgotten about me, Niall said. Ofcourse not I Love You my little Niall, I said in a joking Manner. How has life been for you boys, I said. Well im still dating Danielle, Liam said Im still dating Eleanor, Louis said. Me and Harry are single, Niall said. Good well I have to go unpack then repack, I said,You JUST got here, Louis said. Yea and now I have to go, but its just for a two days Im going to Holmes Chapel, I said. I used to live there Harry said. I know that Idiot, I said. Liam grabbed my hand and took me outside and said, What is it between you two you always bickering and it needs to stop, He said. Well maybe you should tell that to him, I said. I went back inside and slammed the door, got my purse and felt someone put call my name Liam? Im sorry I didnt mean to blame it on you Its just Im tired of yall fighting, He said. Its still bullshit, I said Why are you cussing, Harry said. Speaking of the devil, I said. What I do, Harry said. Why don't you ask mister Payne over here, I said, then I left out the house and drove to my flat. Why is something ALWAYS my fault I didnt do anything to Liam he should just let this stay between me and Harry.

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