A Summer Romance

A girl name Emily is a model and runs into someone while walking down the street. Does she talk to that person, or ignores them! Was it meant to be? Does Fate really exist.{One Direction Fan Fic}


12. chapter 12

{in my head}Why did I leave? Do I like Harry?Whats going on with me, thanks alot Harry your all I can think about! Its so ironic how just 2 days ago I broke up with my boyfriend, then the day after Harry decides to confess some feelings.Was it mean to be? Woah Emily snap out of it,what are you talking about Harry is not the guy for you.My thought were interrupted by my alarm clock I cant say im ecstatic to  go to Holmes Chapel but I have to do what I have to do. Im put on sweats so I can be comfortable because I have to sit in a car for 3hrs so I want to be comfortable. I get a text from Eleanor.

 are you on your way to Holmes Chapel

yea I made sure I charge my Ipad and laptop so I can be working on my way there

your always working do you ever stop

nope because like what happened yesterday, happens

do you like harry

maybe Im confused i'll have an answer by tom, omg what if I run into his mom!what do I say{mentally freaking out Eleanor}

Your so dramatic,but Anne's like the nicest person I ever met, if you do run into her you will be fine.

okay Im here, so i'll talk to you later; tell the boys I said hello.  

The photoshoot was one of the most hectic photoshoots I have ever been to, I had my hair being pulled in different directions.My face being poked by the makeup brushes because they were trying to hurry up and do the make up. Next thing I know everything is a blur and I wake up in the hospital, with uknown people by me.   What happens next!!!!!

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