A Summer Romance

A girl name Emily is a model and runs into someone while walking down the street. Does she talk to that person, or ignores them! Was it meant to be? Does Fate really exist.{One Direction Fan Fic}


5. Busy Busy Busy!

Emily and Harry tried to  make time for each other, but their both to busy. Either Emily has to fly across the world for a photo shoot. Harry has to fly to across the world to meet with producers. Harry still couldn't decide if he wanted to break up with Samantha. Emily found her a boyfriend his name is Jake and hes a model. Emily and Harry still text,call,and skype to get to know each other,but they both agree that thats not the same as seeing each other face to face.

Author message: I know its a short chapter and its not that  good but I promise the other ones are going to be good.

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